My Girl

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                I was pushing people out of the way, making my way to the center of that damned dance floor. Everything was going in slow motion, and he was still on her when I finally reached them.

                I grabbed his shoulder and yanked him off of my girl. He looked at me with that smirk of his, like he had won something.

                Next thing I knew, blood was streaming from his nose and my hand felt numb.

                How dare he touch her.

                How dare he even think about her.

                I was caught up in my thoughts when Mark lunged at me, successfully tackling to me to the ground and earning a loud CRACK as my head hit the floor. I felt Mark straddle my stomach. God, he was big. Football players and their…bigness.

                “Ash!” Erica screamed. I think she was being held back. Through my newly blurred vision, I could see her reaching to me, but an arm was holding her back too tight for her to get away.


                Don’t hurt my girl.


                Leave her alone.

                Let her go.

                Let my girl go. I was practically whimpering in my head. I needed her to be ok. I promised never to let anything hurt her.

                Dazed, I finally looked up at Mark, his arm was drawn back. I closed my eyes when his fist connected with my jaw, and I could feel my lip split open, along with all of the other pain going on. I couldn’t hear much, I wasn’t sure if that was because it was quiet or because I just couldn’t hear much. Everyone was just watching, blocking the way of people who could help. Watching to see the jock beat up the local dyke.

                Fuck ‘em.

                Might as well give them a show.

                I mustered up everything I could and spat in his face. It didn’t even look like spit, just blood. Was I really bleeding that badly?

                He drew his arm back again.

                “Stop it!” Erica shrieked.

                Leave her alone…

                It was probably one of Mark’s friends holding her back.

                Fuck Mark.

                “Out of my way!” I heard Link shout. How long had he been yelling? All I could hear earlier was Erica, had he been yelling too? Probably. Link wouldn’t let this happen if he could help it.

                I wanted to tell him to help Erica, but before I could even get enough blood out of my mouth to say something, Mark had hit me again.

                And then his weight was off of me. It took a few moments for me to finally open my heavy eyelids, but I did. Link was holding Mark up by his collar with a dark look in his eyes. “Leave her alone.” He growled darkly.

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