My Punishment

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Okay so I'm not a great writer so I don't know if this is any good also I uploaded on my phone so it isn't edited at all. Thanks for reading anyway though, Kitty. Xox


Oh dear God I've really gone and done it now haven't I? One instruction. That's all I had to follow, he's my Dom I'm supposed to obey him entirely, but I couldn't follow just one instruction. Worst of all I wanted this to happen. I wanted to disobey, test his limits. I mean surely that's a fair enough excuse.

Oh who am I kidding, that's a rubbish excuse, I've only been in the Bdsm lifestyle a whole two months and I'm already going insane. I want to please him, he did after all take time out of his life to train me, but I need to be bad it's who I am. I deliberately disobeyed for that reason.

Now I bet your asking yourself what was that instruction? What did I disobey? Well this morning before he left, I was told "no touching yourself while I'm gone." I knew he had cameras in the house. I knew he was watching me, but I just couldn't resist, and the worse thing is I orgasmed. He might have been more forgiving if I hadn't of orgasmed, because he wanted me deprived 48 hours, but no I ruined that and on purpose as well. I even smirked to the camera when I finished. Why do I have to be so stupid sometimes.

Now here I am waiting for him to get home, kneeling at the door, naked with my legs spread and my hands palm down on thighs with my head lowered, acting like a good sub. Heart beating fast as I listen to the ticking of the clock, torturing me, making me wish he'd just hurry up and get home already as the anxiety is just too much to bear.

The door slams open, but I do not look up, behaving the way a submissive should act in the prescience of her dominant. Hairs rising on the back of my neck as I can feel his stare on me.

"Well well well, what do we have here? Trying to act innocent whore? You know I saw what happened and I will not tolerate it!" His voice boomed causing an echo to form in the hallway. "This behaviour is not accepted and you will be punished severely!"

"Yes Sir," I reply in a little voice.

"Stand! Walk to the playroom assume the position by the door and wait for me." He commanded in a strict voice.

Not wanting to be told twice I quickly stood and followed his instruction, once again kneeling at the door. I waited for what felt like hours but in reality was only 20 minutes, for him to return. He walked straight in and stopped directly in front of me. "Stand!" He commanded and I complied. He then walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. "Come!" I walked over quickly trying to not anger him and then pointing at his lap he commanded me to "bend!" Bending over his knee so my stomach was laying on his lap, I began to get goose bumps at what was about to come. "Tonight, you will not orgasm at all, if you do your punishment shall be worse, am I understood whore?" His voice the epitome of serious.

"I understand Sir," I replied quickly, wishing this would be over soon even though I knew it wouldn't.

"Until you have proven you are worthy to be forgiven, you shall be called, baby bitch, you will find out why later. I want you to remain silent throughout your punishment, unless I tell you to speak, any noises and you will be made to wear a ball gag. Am I understood Bitch?"

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Good." Without warming his large hand came down hard on my ass, I held back my gasp by biting my lip. "You have been very naughty, and should be thankful I am punishing you bitch." His large hand came down again harder, "bad girls like you deserve to be punished." His hand came down again, and I was fighting back my moans, the fact he was not rubbing after each hit meant it stung more but it only made me wetter. He then spanked me for a good ten minutes, his last slap coming down the hardest of them all. By then I was breathing hard and was surprised when he began to gently rub my stinging ass easing some of the pain.

"Stand!" He commanded. I quickly obeyed and lowered my head, he then got up and went to the draw to fetch something. "Lay back down on the bed. Now!" He shouted. Quickly doing so, I watched as he approached me and then began to tie each limb to a different bed post, with rope, making sure the bounds were very secure. He then reached into his back pocket and retrieved a blindfold which was placed over my eyes cutting off my sight completely. I waited for a few minutes and nothing happened, I laid there in complete suspense.

Suddenly something came down hard and fast on my stomach,I gasped in surprise. "Thats your first warning bitch! The next time you make a sound your mouth will be stuffed with a ball gag. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir,"

I bit my lip, as I waited patiently to be struck again. Suddenly I was hit hard on the boob by the unknown object. "You like being flogged don't you bitch?"

"Yes Sir," and as soon as the words were out of my mouth he began hitting me with the object again, all over my boobs and stomach area. Suddenly it stopped, but I knew that wasn't the end.

He began stroking my body with the object, which had me wanting to arch my back in pleasure, but I could not as I was being restrained. I was enjoying the softer touch of the object when I was suddenly struck hard on the pussy with it. I screamed out in pleasure forgetting the earlier command. "Tut, tut, tut, looks like we are going to have to use the ball gag after all." He said as he roughly shoved one in my mouth. He then began to hit me with the object on the pussy 10 times, which had me dying for an orgasm. He then removed the blindfold. "Eyes on mine at all times, and remember no orgasms. Got it?" I nodded in response.

He quickly thrusted in me, not wasting any time in plunging in and out of me as fast and hard as he could. Tears ran down my face as I was desperate for an orgasm but knew I could not. I stated that way for another 30 minutes, with my master thrusting in and out of me as hard as he could, whilst toying with my boobs. Holding back my orgasm was hard but I managed to do it. Master had almost reached his climax by now, so he quickly removed himself from me, which had me whimpering from behind my ball gag at the loss, he then pumped himself a few times before cumming hard all over my stomach. "Good girl," he muttered exhaustion clear in his voice. He began to untie me, but did not remove the gag. He then got up from the bed pulling me with his as he took me to one of the draws. He smirked at me before opening the draw and pulling out a pull-up nappy and a bonnet. " I told you, you'd be finding out the reason behind your new name." He said smugly as he pulled the nappy on me and then secured the bonnet tightly around my head. "You are my baby bitch, and you will be treated like such until you can redeem yourself, you are not allowed to feed yourself as you are a baby, this also means whenever you need the toilet you must use your nappy as a baby would. You will also have to crawl everywhere. You are now my baby bitch!" He said clearly, leaving me with a shocked face.

He wanted me to feel humiliated and degraded as the final instalment of my punishment, and he had achieved that completely. I think I've finally learnt my lesson and will obey everything my Master says from now on... Or at least for a while.

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