Chapter 37- My Illusion

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An empty cave
The Island of Skyros


“Chain her to the wall.” Cronus ordered Aidon right after we teleported.

I looked around my surroundings and saw that we were in the middle of a cave in some kind of island. And like a robot, my twin brother pushed me towards the wall and held out his hands. The metals in the earth responded to his call and started to shoot out from the rocks. Then, they collided with each other, started to glow with heat and then formed into a long, thick chain. The chain then coiled around my body and pinned me to the wall.

“Aidon... It’s me, Aurea... I’m your sister. Please... Snap out of it!” I hissed.

Cronus laughed and then shook his head as if telling me that what I was doing was hopeless.

“You were much more useful when you were under my control.” Then he heaved a great sigh and looked around the cave as though deep in thought. He walked towards the middle of it and I felt him summon his power.

The air around us grew saturated with an old kind of earth magic and it was all coming from him. A few seconds later, the cave started to shake and the ground and the walls started to shift. Small rocks fell and dust flew everywhere. And when all of it settled and I was able to see again, the cave has been transformed.

Now, it was more comfortable. The rocks were removed and the floor became flat and smooth. A huge table stood in the center of the cave and there were stone chairs surrounding it. The walls now had pillars that were designed like the ancient Greek pillars in the Parthenon.

“Do you know where we are?” Cronus asked me with a smug grin.

“No.” I spat.

“We are in Greece. One of the smaller islands but Greece nonetheless; the cradle of civilization.” Cronus explained.

I did not reply and turned my head away from him. I could feel his power lingering all around me and looking for a weakness so that he may subdue me again like Aidon. But I fought him every step of the way and tried hard to maintain my own power around me to keep his at bay.

“We’ll stay here for a little while. I just need to fully come to my powers. With each second that passes, I’m, growing more and more powerful. Soon enough, I’d be able to handle those pesky Olympians.” He said with a grim laugh.

And with those words, my spirits sagged. I can’t allow this. I must find a way to stop him. I must find a way to release Aidon from his hold. Then, we can go back to Olympus and warn the others of his plans...


Cronus’ plans...

I need to know so that I could warn my father. I would try my best to send a message across so that they would be prepared for whatever Cronus schemes are.

“What are you planning?” I asked bluntly.

Cronus raised an eyebrow. “Villains never tell their plans to their helpless captive. I found this information in the memory of this human body that I am occupying. But then again... There’s no chance of you escaping so I guess there’d be no harm done when I tell you of your future.”

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