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Twiggys P.O.V

I awoke on my bunk on the tour bus I remembered what came out of Marilyns mouth last night " I can't believe he even said that" I jumped off my bunk and went to the bathroom to pee after I was done I walked to the living room Marilyn was sitting on the couch watching south park I sat down next to him and I put my hand on his leg. He jumped up and walked out of the tour bus I was confused he walked back in a few minutes later with a pop tart in his hand he sat down again and I just stared at him.

He looked at me with confusion "what twiggy?" he asked "umm I wanted to talk about last night did you rea..." Before I could finish Pogo walked onto the bus Marilyn got up and grabbed me by the hair again and dragged me to the back bedroom he shut and locked the door then he pushed me onto the bed he climbed on top of me and kissed me he lated there for a minutes then he got up.

He walked over to the corner and punched the wall "NO" he yelled "no what" I asked "no one will know about what just happened and last night ok" he says while me knowing he's angry " why not" I ask before I could block Marilyns hand struck the side of my face. I let out a little cry in pain as I tumbled off the bed onto the floor I crawled into the little spot in between the bed and the bedside table.

Marilyn walked over and tilted my head up so I was looking at him he slapped me one more time "TWIGGY" Marilyn yelled " NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW ABOUT THIS GOT IT" "GOT IT" he put this hand up like he was going to hit me again. I nodded my head "ok" I whispered he put his hand Down and stormed out of the tour bus.

Pogo came into the bedroom he looked over at me. I was shaking he walked over to me. "what was all the screaming and why are you shaking" he asked. Marilyn stood in the doorway with the (if you say anything I will stab you look) I pictured in My head Marilyn hitting me again "ughh nothing" I replied Pogo stared at me weird and walked out of the bus.

I got up and walked to the fridge I grabbed a bottle of whiskey out of the fridge and went to the bathroom just in case someone came back. I walked into the bathroom and say on the toilet seat and started drinking the whiskey. One sip became one gulp that turned to half the bottle that lead to next bottle. I got up I was wobbling everywhere I couldn't see I started walking towards the kitchen and darkness started to close in I tripped over something and face planted into the table. I laid there for a little bit hoping no one would come back anytime soon I just laid there not moving at all until everything was completely black

I woke up the next day in a hotel room I had a serious case of hangover headache. I couldn't remember if I had gotten myself her or not I was trying to get up but my back hurt to much I lated back down for a little bit. I rolled over and reached for my phone I unlocked it and started dialing Marilyns number as soon as I pushed the call button Marilyn walked through the door. I quickly ended the call I sat up as Marilyn walked back and forth across the room like he was looking for something

"Hey" I whispered Marilyn instantly stopped he came over to my side out the bed and sat down he layed n't head in his lap. His fingers felt nice running through My long dreaded hair "I'm sorry" he said looking down at me "sorry for what" I asked "for what happened yesterday" Marilyn got up and started walking the room again "it's ok Marilyn " I replied starting to walk forwards him I reached out my arms to give him a hug "no it's not ok" he pushed me away and grabbed his room key and car keys off the table and ran out slamming the door shit which made the mirror on the wall fall and shatter I walked over to the bed and sat down I turned on the TV I wondered why Marilyn was getting so made lately  

I sat there on the couch watching south park when someone  knocked. I walked up to the door and looked out the peephole it was John and Ginger. I opened the door ( i hope they didnt notice that i was crying) i thought to myself "hey" John says "hey please come in" I reply they came inside  ginger jumped onto to the bed and john sat at the desk "Twiggy have you been crying" Ginger asked "SHIT i didnt think you guys would notice" I looked down in shame "your make up is runing down your face" John said he let out a little laugh. Ginger jumped up and walked torwards John and fell onto his lap John looked up at him and kissed him. I still wasnt used to them dating  

"Hey Ginger can i talk to Twiggy alone for a minute" John asks " yeah sure ill be in our room babe" ginger gets up and alks out of the room " ok twiggy i want to know whats going on between you and marilyn" he asks  "nothing why"  "cause he always come to our room angry and hes alwaus talking about you" John said looking confused. I got up the courage and told john what happend a few nights ago " dont tell anyone promise" i yell " i promise i wont " john replies he got out and walked out the door

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