Chapter 21

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~Previously on Belong To You~

Narrator's POV

"Hello Elizabeth aren't you the cutest baby every." Jessica smiled at the baby.

"Let's go meet your new daddy." Jessica grabbed the carrier and walked to the next room over. Where a young man was waiting to meet his baby girl.

"Mr. Malik, glad you could make it. I have your baby girl right here with me." Jessica told the young man.

"And her name?" He asked the adoption lady.

"Elizabeth Isabelle Malik."

"And the mothers name?" Mr. Malik asked Jessica.

"Rachel Grace."

"Perfect." A smirk spread across his lips.


Rachel's POV

"Rach, Rach, Rachel" I was snapped out of my daze and looked up at the person calling my name. 

"You okay?" Perrie asked me handing me my cup of tea. 

"Thanks. I'm.....okay." It's been a week since I gave Elizabeth away. I hadn't really moved from the sofa. 

"Why don't you try and get a job. You know to keep yourself busy." Perrie suggested. 

"Maybe." I told her not really paying attention. I heard Perrie sigh.

"Come on. Go get ready we are going out." 

"Where are we going?" I asked her. 

"We are going to go find you a job." Perrie pushed me into the bathroom then closed the door. 

"And don't come out until you are ready to walk out of the door."  I groaned but did as Perrie told me.

~2 hours later~ 

"Seriously no one had a job available. I swear I saw a help wanted sign at Starbucks last week" Perrie complained.  

"Hey at least we tried." I tried to reason with her.

"I just don't get it." Perrie mumbled to herself.

"Things change." I told her.

"Well why don't we go grab dinner then head home." 

"Okay sounds good." We stopped at a salad place and picked up two salads. 

"Rachel how are you really doing?" Perrie asked me. I stopped walking and looked at her.

"I'm.....processing. I keep trying to tell myself that I made the right decision but I feel as if I regret what I did." I told her.  

"You did the right thing. I just think it would have been better if you opened the adoption." Perrie reminded me.

"Yeah I'm thinking that too."

~Back at the Flat~

"It's your turn to load the dishwasher." Perrie told me. 

"Ah no I did it last night." I argued with her.

"Oh really I did it for the last 2 months. I think it's your turn." Perrie said then walked off in victory. 

"YOU CAN'T KEEP USING THAT LINE." I yelled at her.

"I JUST DID." I sighed but loaded the dishwasher anyways. Once I finished I went back to my room. I closed the door then started to change into my pajamas. I stopped at my mirror and looked at my scar. I lightly brushed my fingers over it. 

"It had to be done." I whispered to myself. I finished changing and everything else then I climbed into my bed. I picked up my phone and saw I had a text from my uncle. 

Just checking in. Wanted to make sure you are doing okay. 

I'm fine thanks for asking. How are you guys back in the states? I replied back. I plugged my phone in then turned it off. I pulled the covers closer to me and closed my eyes. I was soon in a deep sleep.

~3:00 AM~

I was woken up by a crash then a scream. I quickly got out of my bed and slowly walked towards the door. I placed my ear near the door and listened to the voices on the other side.

"Where is she?" I heard him ask. I gasped, he found us.

"Not here." I heard Perrie tell him.

"Are you telling me that you live here alone. With no one but yourself?" Niall asked her.

"Yes." I heard a sound that made me gasp. He slapped her.

"Nice try, I don't believe you for one second. Now tell me, where is she?" I didn't hear a response. 

 "If that's how it's going to be, then fine. Search the house." I didn't know what to do. I felt as if my feet were stuck to the ground. All I heard was footsteps coming closer and closer to this room. As they came closer I took a step back until I reached the bed and fell back onto my butt. The footsteps stopped right outside my door. I heard people whispering outside of the door then in an instant the door was kicked opened and I let out a scream.

" STOP DON'T TOUCH HER." I heard Perrie yell. I was frozen in my seat all I saw was the person in front of me who caused me so much pain and misery. 

"Well look who we have here?" I could sense his smirk. 

"I told you. We always come back." 


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