A walk by the River and Midnight Surprise

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When I went back out to tell Max I was ready Melly was standing there with her hands on her hips. I knew she was going to scold me. I might as well get this over with.

"Max just give me five minutes and I promise we can go," I said.

"Sure no problem," He said smiling.

Melly followed me out the door and we headed towards my car. We needed privacy and with wolf hearing, this was as best as we would get.

"Get inside!" She said. I couldn't help but smile at her command. She was pretty pissed though and took my smile the wrong way as she gave me a scolding look. I got inside and shut the car door.

"Izzy, you have to stop this now. The guy is going crazy." She said.

"Melly I don't mean to anger him but he starts it,"  I told her.

"He doesn't like when you hang with Max." She said

"He shouldn't even care; he doesn't even know I'm his mate. He should feel nothing towards me." I defended.

"Brad is confused too by how he is acting, I don't know Izzy maybe behind all that mumbo jumbo magical charms he is attracted to you." She said waving her arms

"It's not mumbo-jumbo and you know it, and you are the one who brought me the magical potion anyway, I would have just rejected him. Look If I wasn't his mate and he met his mate, he wouldn't give me a second thought and you know it." I yelled

"Just be careful, make sure this is what you really want before you hurt someone." She said as she stepped out the car "I'll tell Max you're ready, Have fun." She added slamming the door.

Suddenly I didn't feel so good I was just living a lie, and now my best friend was mad at me.

We decided to stop for some Ice Cream and walk by the River. I had shown Max most of the important things in town.

"I will take a double chocolate chip,"  I said giving the young girl at the counter my order.

And I'll have a double scoop of Butter Pecan." Max said.

"That will be $4.78." She said.

I went to grab money out my purse, but Max had already paid.

"My treat after all you just gave me the best tour ever." He smiled.

Honestly, I was sure there were much better tour guides, we went through most of it in a couple hours' time. I showed him the Mall, Downtown spots, the pool hall, and where the Wal-Mart and restaurants were.

We grabbed our cones and headed for the walkway that ran next to the River.

"This is actually really nice we don't have a River like this where I'm from." He said.

It was really nice, especially at night. You could see all the different color lights reflecting on the water.

"It's actually been a while since I have been here. My dad used to bring me when I was a little girl. We would feed the birds and watch the boats drive by." I said.

"That's a great memory; I hope to have with my own kids someday." He said sadly.

"I'm sure you will. I know soon you are going to meet your mate and get everything that was ripped away from you." I told him.

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