Chapter 5 - Kendall

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*** Competition Day ***

My mom woke me up at 2:30 am. Ughh. It is way to early for this. I reluctantly get up and put on some Victorias secret PINK yoga pants and an Abby Lee sweatshirt. I go downstairs and put a blueberry bagel in the toaster. Yum. Once it is done my mom calls me out to the car. She has already packed everything. We did it all last night. Thank goodness. We were the first ones at the studio. While my mom puts everything onto the bus I wait for Paige. We were going to ride the bus together. I love riding with Paige because we both sleep at the same time and do everything else the same too. So we don't bother each other.

After about an hour on the bus facetimeing Maddie and Chloe I got a text. From.. Zack? I opened it up and showed Paige. I opened it and it said.

Hey, Good Luck today at the competition :) I heard were going up against each other. Better do good ;)    -Zack

Me and Paige laugh.  I text him bacl saying.

Better keep your tail under your legs. Its gonna be a fierce day. Prepare to lose. -Kendall

Then he facetimes me. I answer. Paige yells Heyyyyy.

He laughs.

Hi paige. Hi Kendall - Z

What do you want? - K

I just wanted to talk to someone because everyone here is asleep. Except Lucas. - Z

Then Lucas suddenly appears.

Hey Kendall Hey Paige - L

Hiii - P

She has a ginormous crush on him.

Be prepared to lose Zack. - P

Oh. I don't have to worry about that. - Z

Ya. You wont youre used to it.  - K

Ohhh. How you like them apples? - P

We all just start laughing. It was so funny how Paige mocks Her twinnies mom Christie.

Oh. Well I have to go. Cathy is waking up. I am not supposed to talk to the enemy. - Z

He winked when he said that and it was so cute. Wait. No. I cant say that. I cant. I can not like him. He is the enemy. I just have to worry about beating him. Whew. I just need a nap.

"Hey Paige, I am really tired. Is it okay if I take a short nap?" I ask.

"Yeah! Now that you say something I am kind of tired. We shall nap together." She says in a dorky voice.

"Haha. Okay. Night." I say

"Night." She replies Yawning.

After  a really long time We finally get to New Orleans. We run outside the bus to be greeted by a lot of fans. We quickly rush inside to get ready. My  mom does my hair and Make up. I go to change. I put on a beautiful dress. It is orange with white polka dots and rhinestones on the bottom. I show Abby. For once she says she chose this dress for me because she knew nobody would be able to get their eyes off of me. I hugged her.

Before I knew it I was being rushed onto the sidebars of the stage. Time to go.