Chapter 44

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I slam the door shut, groaning angrily.

"God! I can't stand her! I really can't. She couldn't even fucking apologize!"

I move back over towards the bed, feeling frantic. I reach into my bag, grabbing my bathing suit.

"What are you doing?" Tristan asks as I remove my nightgown.

"I'm going to the pool. Hopefully it helps me cool off."

"The pool is closed, baby."

"I'll break in, I don't care."

He stands up, coming up behind me. "... Or I could give you a work out. You'll be tired after, I promise."

He manages to get a smile on my face. I chuckle frustratedly as his arms come around my stomach.

"Okay, I'll settle for that."

"Settle?" he gasps, chuckling. "I'm wounded."

I can't help but roll my eyes.

"Oh, just kiss me."


I moan loudly as Tristan moves from above me, dropping his body onto the space beside me. Our bodies are heaving and well-worked. I feel like I've just done a marathon and I didn't even do the heavy lifting.

Not wanting to stop touching him, I turn, wrapping a leg around his. "God, that helped."

"I'm glad I could be of service," he utters breathlessly. I kiss his chest, closing my eyes, feeling euphoric. It's now two in the morning and we have a flight to catch at dawn.

His hand rests on my hip, warm and secure. I feel my eyelids begin to droop within seconds, exhaustion taking over.


And even though I was relieved my mother was nowhere to be seen the next morning, I'm unable to help feeling upset as we board the jet. My body trembles slightly as I climb the stairs towards the entrance, aware of the fact that the last time I was in a plane, I was coming back from Thailand.

I stare at my hand moving along the rail, thinking back to that time.

Tristan and I were strangers still. The tsunami had happened just days before... It feels like a distant memory now although ever present in reality. I think because I'm with Tristan, it will always be there- a reminder of what we both went through.

I sink down into my seat, crossing my legs as Tristan takes the spot across from me. The look on his face all morning has me thinking he's going to ask about my mother any second. I'm dreading it.

"So, where are we going?"

"Well, that depends. I was thinking Miami- I just didn't know whether you-"

"Whether I what?"

"Whether you want to go near a beach..."

Oh. I sit back, pressing my lips together. I hadn't even thought about something like that.

The idea doesn't sound bad now but being there? What would that be like?

"That's fine, Tristan. I'll be good."

He gauges my reaction before he nods slowly, standing up to tell the pilot. I look down at my polished fingers, closing my eyes.


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