Part 02

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Unfortunately, the thunderbolt was more like a car backfiring.

Two months after the incident, Madhubala was starting to believe that, that day didn't really happen and it was all a dream. But it was too wishful to hope it didn't happen. Because RK made sure that she remembers that day happened by avoiding her. True he never talked to her before that day, now he went out of his way to 'not' talk to her. Every time she went to their house, RK rarely came out of his room. If by chance their paths crossed then he would politely say a 'hello', a 'how are you', and a 'okay... see you around'. And the worst is when Trishna tries to make RK 'notice' Madhubala by forcing him to spend 'quality time with his sister' when Madhubala is around. Madhubala had to endure the embarrassment silently knowing that RK knew of Trishna's motives. She still hasn't got around to telling Trishna about what she had told RK, because knowing Trish, she would simply barge into RK's room and demand that RK fall in love with Madhubala that instant. Since Trishna didn't know that, Madhubala couldn't come up with enough excuses for not visiting the Kundra House. But in spite of all this, there were a few instances when she had caught RK watching her and but sadly most of the time he would look pissed.

"Your brother is not here?" Madhubala asked Trishna who was sprawled out on the floor. "In the kitchen. Kaki is not here, and he wanted coffee, I told him to make by himself. He is pissing me off lately." Trishna says pissed. "What did he do?" "How can he not notice you? And I think he is starting to get suspicious, nowadays he doesn't even let me talk about you." Trishna says irritated. Madhubala's heart skipped a beat. "Every time I mention you, he changes the subject." "You said that he asked about me." Madhubala reminds her. "Yeah once. But that was like two weeks ago." "Then last month also he asked about me na?" Madhubala asks hopefully. "He did?" Trishna asks confused, "Yeah! He asked how you were doing. And whether you were coming to college?" "Isn't it weird, he asked the same two weeks back also?" Madhubala asks suddenly wondering. "My brother is a weirdo. You should start looking for someone better." Madhubala didn't reply to that. How many times could she make Trishna understand that there was no one better than RK for her? But she was really starting to give up all hopes on him. After a while, she said in a quiet voice "I'm so close to giving upon him." "You should. There are millions of better guys than this idiot." Trishna supports her whole heartedly mistaking what Madhubala meant was that she was ready to see other guys. "Talking about anyone I know?" said a chilling voice. Madhubala and Trishna look at the voice in shock and found RK leaning on door casually studying the coffee mug he is holding. "What are you doing here?" Trishna asks frowning, wondering how much he heard. "I didn't know the TV room was your private domain and people needed to take your permission to enter it." RK replies in a bored tone, now studying his nails. Madhubala was watching RK, and she didn't know what it is but there was something in RK that moment that was scaring the hell out of her. "So, who were you talking about?" he asked in the same bored tone. Then he looked up. At her. And he looked downright furious.

Her breath caught in her throat and she went pale. Seeing her like that, Trishna answers with a shrug "Not anyone important." Then as if to dismiss him, she turns and starts giving her undivided attention to the TV. "Not important? Is that so?" RK asks Madhubala as he walked so casually towards the couch diagonally towards her and sat down. Madhubala didn't know what to say or what was happening, all she knew was that RK was furious with her. Regarding what? "Ma-dhu-ba-la?" RK says her name as he kept his cup on the table. "What do you want, RK?" Trishna asks at her patience end. "I'm just trying to have conversation with your best friend. You know socializing." RK replies. "You look pissed." Trishna states the most obvious. RK suddenly smiles at his sister to show that he is not pissed. Madhubala found the smile menacing. They hear the land phone ringing in the other room, and soon Trishna and RK were in a staring competition. Finally giving up, Trishna jumps up "Fine, I'll get it. It's probably for me only." muttering she walks towards the other room. Few seconds later, they could hear Trishna excited chattering, the phone was for her. Madhubala could feel RK's eyes burning into hers; she couldn't take it anymore and decides to go to the other room. She was about to walk past RK when he very authoritatively held her hand.

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