"I'm so sorry darling. Just no matter what you hear, don't open this door." He says rushed as he sits me on the counter.

"Vic, what's going on?" I ask confused and a little scared.

"Nothing, nothing. Just be quiet and don't leave the bathroom. Promise me you won't leave." He rushes as the banging continues.


"Promise me." He pleads and I sigh nodding.

"Okay, I promise." I say truthfully.

He kisses my head once more before leaving and closing the door behind him. I sit there confused as I listen intently to what's going on outside. What's happening? I don't understand. Am I safe? Is Vic safe? I hear muffled yelling then I hear a crashing sound followed by Vic groaning. At the sound, I slide off of the counter and go over to the door. I put my ear to it so I can hear what's going on better. I keep hearing thumps, groaning and yelling.

"Dad, please. Stop." Vic groans.

I know that something really bad is happening to Vic but I promised him that I wouldn't leave the bathroom. Besides, what am I going to do. I go out there; I'll probably get hurt too. I open the door slightly and look through the crack. There's a man beating Vic as Vic cowers away on the floor. I shut the door not wanting to see any more of it.

It feels like an eternity of painful yelps until it stops. I hear the door slam shut and I count to ten before opening the bathroom door. I gasp when I see Vic; beaten, bruised and covered in his own blood. I rush over to him and kneel down in front of him as he leans against the bed post. He avoids my gaze and I pull out my phone.

"What are you doing?" Vic asks, finally looking me in the eyes.

"Calling the police." I say dialing 911.

"No, no, you can't." He pleads. "Please, you don't understand."

"Vic, he can't hurt you like this." I whisper wiping some blood from his chin.

He then bursts into tears and I wrap my arms around him. He cries into his chest and I press call on my phone before putting it up to my ear. I tell the operator the situation and address before I hang up.

"I'm sorry." Vic mumbles through a sniffle and I tilt his face towards mine.

"Don't apologize. You did nothing wrong." I whisper kissing his head.

"I did, I brought you into my fucked up life." He cries and I shush him.

"No matter how fucked up your life is; I'll always want to be a part of it." I say softly and he smiles lightly.

"Don't you dare smile Vic. Not at a time like this." I frown and the smile instantly disappears.

"What's going to happen now?" Vic asks after a moment of silence.

"Hopefully, that asshole will go to jail and you'll be safe." I reply.

"That's not what I meant." Vic mumbles looking at me like he's terrified. "What's going to happen between us? Are you going to leave me?"

I look at him astounded. He can't be serious right. That's the last thing I want to do.

"No, of course not Vic. I would never. Especially at a time like this. I'll be here with you every step of the way. That goes without question." I explain and Vic kisses my cheek softly.

"Thank you." He whispers.

I smile and wrap my arms around him tighter.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me about this." I sigh.

"There's a lot of things I haven't told you Kell, but I swear, I'll explain everything to you tonight." He mumbles and I nuzzle my face in his neck. What more is there for me to know?

It doesn't take long before we hear sirens. Then there's a lot of commotion downstairs as we hear a lot of yelling. Finally, there's heavy footsteps up the stairs until a few police officers enter the room. I help Vic stand up. His legs are barely keeping him up so I just sit him on the bed. They come over to us, along with a paramedic and an officer asks me to follow him. I give Vic a kiss on the cheek before doing what I'm told and following him over to the sofa on the other side of the room. He gestures for me to sit so I do and he starts asking me questions about what happened tonight.

Soon, it's over and he leaves. I look over at Vic, who's still getting questioned but he seems disturbingly calm about the whole thing. He's just staring at the wall, answering questions every now and again. I stand up and walk back over to him and he doesn't as so much glance away from the wall as I sit down next to him. I grab his hand and squeeze it gently.

"We've got him in custody now so you won't have to deal with him until trial, okay?" The officer says and Vic nods.

"Has your mother or anyone else taken any part of the abuse?" He asks.

"No." Vic replies simply.

"Does she know about it?" The officer asks.

"Yes." Vic says once again sticking to one-word answers.

"Has she ever tried to stop it?" He asks and Vic tears his eyes away from the wall.

"No." He whispers before looking back at the wall.

The police wrap things up and the paramedic quickly checks Vic out before they all leave. We both stay quiet as Vic continues to stare at the wall. I sigh and let go of his hand before I slide my arms around his middle. I hug him tightly as I rest my head on his shoulder. He turns his head to me, with a frown on his face and sighs.

"We need to talk." He mumbles seriously.


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