I have no idea

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A/N I'm bored and have writers block, but I really want to write so I'll just make up something as I go. So deal with it :D
I love G-eazy, he's one of my favorite rappers. Besides (o/f/r/b) (other favorite rappers or bands), he's almost my favorite.
My friends hate him and they always make fun of me liking him, or just make fun of him. I try to like their music, but it's just not my style. I love rap, nothing can really change that.
I drove to some random bar out in the middle of no where. I walked inside grabbing a seat at a booth. A waitress walked up throwing a menu at me," What do you want?" She snarled.
" Um, (f/f) (fave food)." "What drink do you want?" "(F/d)." She snatched the menu away my hands walking away grouchy. She gave the menu to some other guy sitting at the bar. He was staring at me, I looked around to see if there was another girl. Basically just him and i. I couldnt really tell who it was so I walked up to him. HOLY BLOODY HELL IT'S G EAZY!!!! I gasped," Oh my gosh it's G-ea-!" He interrupted me by putting his hand to my mouth," Shshshsh, that grouchy bitch has been bragging about me all day. I don't want her to know I'm actually him." He did have sunglasses on and a hat, if you saw him you wouldn't even know it was him. I looked down at his hand then looked back up," Don't tell anyone please." I nodded and he put his hand down smirking." Thank you." "No problem." "You're pretty nice, what's your name?" "(Y/N), (Y/L/N)." "I'm pretty sure you already know my name, right?" "Yeah, Gerald Gillum." I whispered. He nodded," Yep. Ya got it." I smiled, I've known his name for three years. I'm fact, I knew almost everything about him, I kind of met him about a year ago. I had VIP tickets for one his concerts.
"Have I met you before?" He asked." Um...yeah. About a year ago. At one of your concerts." He nodded looking into my eyes," Do you want to go out with me?" "Y-yeah of course!" "Ok good cause you're hot as hell." We both giggled." You too. I mean you're hotter than me." He smiled and held by hand kissing it," Want to go on a date here?" "Oh no my parents are waiting for me." I smiled and hugged him really fast. I went back to my booth and sat down, just in time for my food and drink. I quickly ate and paid for it. I kissed Gerald's cheek, but he moved and I kissed his lips. I blushed madly as I slowly pulled back," See you later G." He winked and drank his beer.

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