Chapter 11

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We sit on the island of rock known as the cornucopia. Finnick picks through the trident section and Johanna picks through the axes. I don't know what it is with those things, but she is a snob for them. I giggle silently. "Did I just hear Katniss Everdeen giggle?" Finnick asks dramatically. I rolls my eyes. "So what if I did?" I ask, smirking at him. He puts his hands up in surrender with a playful grin on his face. "Nothing, it's just that you never smile." He answers. I gasp and put my hand over my heart dramatically. "I smile!" I argue. He shakes his head and walks away. "We aren't done with this!" I shout after him. "Yes we are!" He shouts back. I laugh and turn just as a spear flies past my head. I gasp and duck down behind a crate and grab my bow. I aim at the direction from which it came, to find one of the siblings from one threw it. I release it and it hits him in his chest. I look around quickly and reload my weapon as Finnick fights with Brutus. I release the arrow as it flies past Finnick and hits him. I turn around and see the sister coming for me. Oops. Probably shouldn't of killed her brother. She reaches me fast and grabs my throat, slamming me against the cornucopia.

I try kicking her, but ultimately miss. She elbows me in the side and slams me harder. I lift my hand and punch her, making her release me, and we both fall to the ground. Finnick, who seems to come out of thin air, begins fighting her, as I catch my breath, my chest heaving up and down. She knocked the breath out of me due to her slamming me against the cornucopia. I feel the world shift, it might just be me, but I swear that Finnick just got thrown off. The cornucopia begins to spin at a rapid pace as I get hurled down the side. I shriek and grab onto a rock, cutting my hand in the process. I grit my teeth. I get thrown even harder and am forced to release the rock. I get thrown into the water gasping for air before going under.

The water creates a flurry of bubbles around my head. I get thrown around in the water. My body reacts to no air for too long, and forces me to open my mouth, I cough underwater before the black spots invade my vision when the spinning stops.

Sorry so short! But it's bedtime, and I have school tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed! I know it was different from the original chapter, but I don't think you guys want to read the same thing over again. Anyways,


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