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I live in my own little world. Figuratively. I always let my imagination run away with. I read a good book and suddenely I'm off in my own little world where the main characters exist. But I couldn't escape forever. My adventures in mystical lands were always limited by stupid reminders that would bring me back to earth. My alarm clock being one of them. Of course, this was one of the more simple ties to reality that could easily be loosened. Behold, the ever-so-powerful snooze button. Some things in reality weren't so bad, even if they were only so I could get back to sleep.


I swear I set my alarm for 7:00 for some reason unknown to me *guilty face* the clock read 8:00 when I finaly managed to awake from my deep sleep. Needless to say that, as my school started at 8:30, this was not good. I didn't bother trying to run in a futile attempt to get ready in time due to

One: my room looked as if a bomb had gone off in it so any attempt to run through it would result in a broken bone of some kind, most likely.

And two: I was really slow. I got an F in sport last year. It wasn't really one of my strong points.


Ok, on second thoughts, maybe running wouldn't be such a bad idea. I was already ten minutes late and first period I had the dragon lady. There were times when I felt the teensiest bit bad about how much I and all the other students ridiculed her behind her back, but then I'd walk into my next maths lesson and all illusions of pity and sorrow flew out the window when I see how much hoomework she's given us.

I got into stealth mode and ran down the empty hallways of my school, swung my backpack off my shoulder and opened my locker... Or tried to open it I should say. I frequentely forget the combination for the lock so it took me about ten goes until I finally cracked it. This is why I need to get to school early, without my best friend Dianna to remind me what my combo was and what classes and homework I had due, I'd be lost.

After finally closing my locker (another hard task due to mess that filled it) I sprinted up three flights of stairs to where my first class was. As I have already mentioned the Dragon Lady taught it and as you may have guessed from my previous explanation of her: My first subject was math. Unfortunately another class on the long, long, long, long, long list of subjects I full on suck at.


"Ahhhh, and Miss Clarke has finally decided to grace us with her presence, how wonderful," a horrid nasal voice rang out through the classroom jerking the many students who'd fallen asleep awake with a start.

"Sorry Ms. Hordgen, it won't happen again" I promised in a small voice. I was very tired today.

Ms. Hodgren aka the Dragon Lady raised a very thin eyebrow. She didn't need to tell me. "Detention."


Aside from the obvious factor of getting a detention (on the first day back from holidays, I might add. That's skill) the rest of my day went quite well. I had history second period and we were split into groups to study an ancient civilisation. My group was doing Ancient Greece, which I was fine with seeing as two thirds of the people were greek. So that must help a little, right? Right?

Anyway after history I had french. That wasn't too bad. I sat next to Merryn Graves who was awesome at speaking the language, and that helped me because she told me what to say. You might say that she shouldn't have done that because it wasn't helping me learn anything, but really... I wouldn't have learned anything anyway. Half the time I just sit at my desk listening to the teacher talk and occasionally nodding my head as if I can actually understand a word that is coming out of her mouth.

Then I had a free period. SCORE! Which I had to spend studying seeing as my history teacher, who'd noticed the nationalities of those in our group decided to mix them up next lesson, so once again I was on my own. *Audience that randomly appeared out of no where: Awwwww*.

Lastly I had english. YAY! I mentioned earlier about my tendency to daydream and that I like to read. Well this, is THE ONLY subject in which I excell. Had this class not been available to me there is no doubt in my mind that I would've been held back and would still be in the fifth grade. HOORAH! Three cheers for english.


And now for *drum roll please*... Detention time! Yes, it's that moment you've all been waiting for. My detention. Aren't I lucky, getting to stay in late after school. I bet you all wish that you were in my position right now. And I'll be kind and give you the chance to switch, aren't I nice.

No takers? Sigh, oh well, I'll survive. I sprinted down to the gate where my detention was being held. I'd probably have to pick up rubbish or something like that. What I was not expecting was to see a totally hot guy waiting by the gate with the Dragon Lady.

I, Arriana Jane Clarke, am completely ashamed to admit that I ran a little faster.

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