《Chapter 16》

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[Name] opened her eyes and saw a familiar ceiling. She was inside the hotel room. She tried to recall what happened as she got up from the bed. But she was stopped by someone's hand. [Name] looked up and see the worried face of Karma.


"Just rest if you still don't feel good."

"What are you doing here?"

He sighed. "I'm taking care of you. You fainted after attacking Takaoka sensei that night." Karma pulled a chair next to the bed and sat on it.

"For how long was I blacked out? How are the others?"

"You sure have many questions."

[Name] pouted. "Just answer my questions, Karma!"

"The others are fine. They are worried about you. You napped for too long." Karma smirked.

Tick mark start to appear on [Name]'s head. "Oi! What that suppose mean?!"

Karma laughed and ruffled her hair. "You made me worried sick. If you're sure that you're feeling better now, go to the beach then. I'm sure the others will happy to see you." Karma stood up from his seat and walked out of her room, leaving [Name] with red cheeks.

[Name] held both her cheeks. Her heart started to beat fast as she remembered what Karma just said to her. What just happened to me? Why does he always make me feel like this? She got up from the bed and put on her swim suit.

As she walked to the beach, Class E girls started to tackle [Name]. They told her how worried they were when they saw her faint and not wake up shortly after. [Name] only laughed and smiled

"Minna, gomen. I'm always making you guys worry."

"At least you look better now." [Name] turned and saw Korosensei in his usual form.

"You too, Korosensei. I wish I could assassinate you right now." Korosensei was shocked and looked scared. "But I will just enjoy my time now."

"[Name]-chan, isn't there something you want to tell your friends?"

[Name] look confused. She was sure that there wasn't anything she wanted to tell. "About what?"

"About who you really are. The three assassins that Takaoka sensei used to help him seemed to know you very well. They even called you 'black hacker'. You know them?"

[Name] sighed. She didn't know that she had to tell them the truth about her, the secret of her life. But before she told them, she told them not to be shocked, including Bitch sensei and Karasuma sensei.

"Actually, I'm the daughter of two pro and famous assassins. I used to be their helper and hacked into some databases to get information for them. But I stopped being the 'black hacker' to continue my studied." There was silent.

"Sorry to drag you guys into my past. Even though I already stopped, my hobby of hacking can't seem to end."

"It's okay, [Name]-chan!" [Name] looked at the Class E students. They were smiling and accepting who she really was.

"Even though you're a hacker, you're still our friend," said Nakamura. "Right Karma-kun?"

[Name] look at Karma who turned his head. He was blushing. [Name] smiled and teased him the same way he teased her every day.

It was a perfect end for their assassination. Next week, they will go back to school and restart to assassinate Korosensei like usual. There wasn't a gift more perfect for [Name] than her friends accepting who she truly was; well, that's what she thought.

"Mou, Karma-kun, just say it already!" Nakamura pushed Karma toward a confused [Name].

He sighed and opened his mouth. "[Name], I really li-I mean, I love you. Please don't think it's a joke like you always do."

[Name] blushed as she heard that statement from Akabane Karma. Everybody cheered at them in the background. Saa, what was she going to she do now? Karma just confessed his feelings to [Name].

"What is your answer?" The other classmates looked at [Name] with eyes full of hope, except for one person.

"I—I...I don't know!" [Name] quickly ran away from the crowd with her face as red as tomatoes.

"Wait [Name]-chan!" Nakamura ran after her, leaving the others and Karma sighing in disappointed.

"It's okay, Karma-kun." Nagisa patted Karma's shoulder. "She's just shocked."

"I hope so," he smirked and looked at someone who was not happy to see what just happened.



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