The Car Part 65A

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Joy's POV...

After going back to the house, we were surprised to see that Daddy and Uncle Graham had come back saying that the boys were still down at the police station chatting away with a couple of old veterans who had been here when all this happened in the 50's.

Dad mentioned that when he went in with the boys, and old officer that works part time now was here in Armidale just starting out and being the first major crime that had happened at the time, and he remembered everything.

So when Dad introduced himself across the counter, the officer came out to speak to him after Daddy spoke. Jarrod's murder was still a cold case that had never been closed and was always on his desk that he looked through every now and again.

When Jarrod and Bobby introduced themselves to Officer Jennings, the old officer excused himself to go back into his little office and came back out with a folder that he placed in front of them. When he opened it, the first thing we saw was a photo of Jarrod. A young and carefree Jarrod.

"I was named after him." Jarrod told the officer.

"From what we gather from Mum and Aunty Vi, big Jarrod was tickled pink at having someone named after him so much so, that he walked about like a peacock the way he strutted about. At least that's what Mum said. Dad here only confirmed it." Jarrod was telling officer Jennings.

Then they watched as the old fella pulled out another photo, one that we were familiar with. It was of Bobby and Mum with the twin boys.

"So these two youngen's are you two lads?" He asked Bobby and Jarrod who nodded to him.

"Yes Sir." They said to him.

"Then why don't we take this conversation into my office and have a chat about why you are here?" He said to them as he ushered the men down the little hall under the watch of the other police officers who were present at the time.

It wasn't long after that, when Daddy said that excused himself to come back to the house and wait for us girls to come back. We could see when we had pulled up that Daddy and Uncle Graham had done a little bit of gardening about the place while they waited too.

"Very good of them." We heard Mum mutter quietly as she noticed that they had done something about the place. Aunty Vi just laughed.

"I'll just put the kettle on for a cuppa. Julianne, can you grab out those scones please, lovey along with some butter and jam. I think that would be nice to have with a cuppa tea." I said to my daughter who did as requested.

Then I saw the others grab down some cups and saucers and a couple of bread and butter plates for our morning tea. Ten minutes later we were all sitting around enjoying our morning tea and the conversation across the table. Then we heard a little 'ping' that let us know that an email had come through and was ready to be opened.

That was something Mum hopped up to do as she was the one who was expecting something, and a few minutes later, she came back with a print out in her hand that had come from her accountant.

"  The account says that I've been making regular payments to a company called "Johnsons Storage", it seems to be a storage that Bobby used for all the family's things he brought up from Sydney. I imagine that the car is there too. " Mum was saying after she glanced through the paperwork she was holding.

" I suppose that we'll be checking them out later,wont we?" Daddy was saying as he ate a scone.

But finding the storage units proved a bit of a task.

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