What's The Plan Part 64

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A little reminder that names have been chosen that have no relation to anyone living or dead that I know of  (or not know either) and are purely coincidental.

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Joy's POV...

And so it was that we went on a shopping spree to get the essentials for our stay here in Armidale and after an hour and a half, us girls came back to the house with a mountain of groceries. As Juicy called it, that is. We ladies just laughed at her when she was describing the trolley full of foodstuffs that we had bought at the Coles supermarket downtown.

I was so glad that the men were on hand to come out as soon as we pulled up to help take all the groceries in for us. We had to give them something to do. They looked a bit lost at the moment. I'm glad that Mum was on the ball and gave them some chores to do while we were here.

"Tomorrow sometime, I expect you men to get out and do a bit of gardening while we're here. The poor thing looks like it needs a bit of a trim I think." Mum was saying as she was setting out the plates for the dinner that had quickly been put togther for everyone which consisted of bbq chicken with salad and pasta.

"You just tell us what you want Lovey, and we'll get to it." Daddy was saying as he took the plate from Mum and began digging into his dinner.

He looked like he was starving by the way he was eating. The other men weren't much different either by the way they too were digging into their meals.

I really wasn't that hungry so I just grabbed a little chicken and salad to put on a bun before taking myself outside to sit on the verandah which was lit by the lights that were on inside the lounge room that  came through the curtains at the windows.

Seeing that same double chair on the verandah that my parents had the photo taken of them as they sat there with the twins had drawn me to it and I sat down on it in the same place that my real father did in that photo.

Taking a deep breath, I allowed myself to think of how he would have felt as he sat here with my Mum.

"He loved me very much and we used to sit here nearly every afternoon after dinner to talk about our day and what we did." I heard Mum say quietly to me as I felt her sit down beside me in the chair she probably sat in every day while she was here.

Feeling a tear or two fill my eyes, I leaned over to my mother and lay my head on her shoulder wishing a little that he was here so I could look up into his smiling face. I know he would be smiling as all of those photo's we have of him so far have shown him to be smiling as he looked at Mum.

"It wasn't all roses and laughs. We did have a few skirmishes that ended up with him sleeping in the spare room. But for the most, we were very happy." I heard her whisper to me.

Lifting myself off her shoulder, I glanced at her to see that she had a tear or two rolling down her cheek which had me lifting my hand and using my finger, I gently wiped those tears away.

"Seeing you everyday reminded me all the time that he was real and that he did exist. Bobby wasn't a figment of my imagination." Mum was saying through a voice that with held a few sobs she was trying so hard to not let out.

"So tomorrow, you will be introducing me to my father?" I asked her quietly as I began to nibble on the bun I was trying to eat in front of me. But not with much success since I really wasn't that hungry at the moment.

"Yes. He would have been so amazed at you. At how you have grown. Sometimes it rips my heart out that he never got the chance to meet you or to hold you and see you grow. But I'd like to think that life turned out the way it did for a reason." Mum said as she took a sip from her coffee that I didn't notice she carried out here to sit beside me.

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