Chapter 2

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The KickBall Field Where It Happens

Alexander's POV

"I pick... Lafayette." Said my new friend, Hercules. Turns out he was John's friend. "I pick Madison." Said Thomas.

He was kinda getting on my nerves, to be honest. "No, you don't. We need to get his inhaler first." Said Washington, and dragged him inside while Thomas screamed "BOO!"

"Hey, leave him alone man. He's trying his best to just keep us healthy." I said.

Thomas laughed. "Oh so the immigrant with herpes has something to say now!" He said, and Madison walked out, but Washington was still inside.

"What does herpes even mean?" I said. "It means you have cooties! Duh, dumb-" he looked around. "Dumb ASS." Everybody, including me gasped. "You can't say that word!"

"I'll do whatever I want! Go ahead, fight me." He said. "Oh snap! He wants to fight!" Said Madison, repeating the last thing that Thomas said.

"I challenge you to..." I looked around. Lafayette, Hercules, and John were giving me thumbs up. I smirked.

"I challenge you to a rap battle." "Oooh." Said everybody. "Next recess. After lunch time. Metaphorical guns drawn."

Washington came back outside, and the bell rang. "You're on."

Angelica's POV

"You can't just fight Thomas Jefferson! He's... Thomas Jefferson!" I heard Hercules say from Science class.

"Well I can, and I will. I'll punch him in the face! I'll punch myself in the face! I'll punch God in the face! I'll punch the sun in the face! I'LL PUNCH EVERYONE IN THE FACE!" I heard a new voice scream. Hey, I kinda like this guy.

I walked into this classroom, and before me I saw the cutest guy I think I will ever meet. I know I'd get cooties, but I'd go to 2nd base with him.

That's kissing their cheek, right? "Dang." I whispered. "Angie?" Said Lafayette. "This is Angie Schuyler. She's the most popular girl in school. Be nice to her."

"Wait... Schuyler? As in... The Schuyler Toilet Paper I saw on a billboard?" I nodded and blushed.

"Yeah... My dad kinda owns a toilet paper company!"

"So hot." Whispered Mulligan to Lafayette, who nodded and I blushed more.

Suddenly he looked interested. Well, I'm a Schuyler sister, that elevates my status. I'd have to be naive to put that aside. Like a 1st grader. They're so naive.

My sister came up behind me, and looked at Alexander. "This ones mine." She whispered, and ew, was she drooling?

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