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Chapter 1- Hurting

Edward's POV

I haven't known Charlie for long, but I am almost certain that he has never spoken for as long as he did when we returned to his home. I could sense his fury from the forest and knew we were in tremendous trouble for not obeying his orders sooner. Upon our return, I was ordered to leave. The moment I saw his mind, I knew he would attack me if I didn't make myself absent; his hair was standing on end and his hands were shaking. I obeyed without hesitation, for his safety and Bella's, rather than my own. I didn't go far, of course, and was still able to see Bella being dragged by the wrist into the kitchen.

After much yelling, multiple assertions that Bella was never to see me again, and her status of being permanently grounded, Bella was allowed to retreat to her room. She did this in style- loud stomps as she escalated the stairs and a tremendous slam of the door. Charlie was satisfied that he seemed to have made his point.  

I hope you've learnt your lesson, Bella.

I slowly crept my way towards Bella's now open window and wondered how Charlie would react if he were to discover that there was no possible method he could use to keep Bella from me now. Of course, that was a situation I was not willing to explore, but it was nevertheless amusing to consider momentarily as I jumped up a nearby tree. Yet, having said that, I understood the man's position- his thoughts had been echoing in my mind for the last hour after all, and of course if I were in his situation, my reaction would have been similar.

When Bella saw me enter, I was hoping to see her reasonably content despite what I had just overheard. Indeed, she smiled but the corners of her mouth didn't fully meet her eyes. 

"Are you okay?" I asked sympathetically, assuming that I must be wrong; the confrontation with Charlie had stirred her. 

She nodded into my chest as she wrapped her arms tightly around me. 

"Your father was terrified for you- he reacted that way because he loves you," I tried to soothe her, but it didn't seem to help, she was still lost in thought. 

"I know..." 

"Bella, what is it?" 

Bella looked up from my chest and I was shocked to see tears in her eyes. Although being grounded for life was a severe punishment, I could not quite blame Charlie just yet for this conviction. Although I hoped he wouldn't persist with it for too long, I knew that Bella and I would still get to see each other at night and at school. And of course, Charlie and Bella love each other in their own way- they will mend their relationship soon enough. So why was Bella so upset and distracted?  

I smiled to myself. Perhaps this isn't about me. 

"I'm grounded," Bella whispered tearfully. 

"I know, but we will still get to see each other at school and at night, just like we are now," I consoled her, squeezing her gently to remind her that not even her father could take her away from me. 

"It's not that," Bella replied as she pulled away from me and sat on her bed. "I- I..." she began, but then for whatever infuriating reason, she didn't finish her sentence. Instead, a few tears rolled down her cheeks. 

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