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Aurora's POV

My head pounded as the sunlight streamed directly towards my line of vision, groaning I took a faltering step back, while hearing someone mutter something about rough fucking or something. I felt Blaze suddenly leave me side, his warmth, a sorrow absence. Leaning up against a tree, a hand holding my forehead, I barely made out a figure (somewhat Blaze looking), beating the total and utter shit out of another. Feeling another wave of immense pain roll over me, I gripped the tree trunk, my claws sliding right through the wood and creating friction.

You can beta this pain, Aurora

It is nothing

You are stronger than this

Damn Stronger

I chanted this in my head in my head, until my head fluttered open, and instead of pain, my body was welcomed by the warmth of the sun beaming down on me

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I chanted this in my head in my head, until my head fluttered open, and instead of pain, my body was welcomed by the warmth of the sun beaming down on me. I looked over to where group of people stood in a circle, looking at something in the middle. I sniffed the air, to be met with he familiar stench of iron. Blood. I walked over to the circle, pushing my way to the center, though various grunts. What stood before me was Alpha Blaze beating the shit out of some person, blood strewn all over both their bodies. I reach forward, when I felt someone tug my shirt. It was Beta Xavier, his face long and solemn.

"Don't." he whispered in my ear, as if that would stop me. My eyes continues to stare straight as the guy being abused over and over blood everywhere, some spraying on the people close. I went again and was pulled back again. I looked up to Xavier who just gave me a stern look of "No".

Suddenly the guy got up, sputtering words of "I'm sorry" and "Please." with blood filled both, he backed away, tripping a little before he stood crookedly.

Alpha Blaze just growled harsh and deep before he resumed a fighting stance, looking down at the placement of his feet, I noticed his right foot was forward with the most weight being put on it, his back (left) foot was bent extremely and his knee, with the balls of his feet down and the soles arching up, like he was tiptoeing. The structure of his feet looked a lot like the stance taught to kill...His arms were poised, his left hand up in front of, showing his fore arm, and his right arm back, looking like it was about to spring into a different form his hand was shaped in a fist. Is complicated stand looked a lot the killer punch stance we learned about, only alphas had such capability to go through with one.

A killer punch stance (or kps) was such a powerful punch, that the fist smashes a certain angle of the skull causing the rest of the skull to shatter a long with, thus killing the person. It was very precise stance, only pros could do it, and take years and years to master. But as I watch Blaze's eyes continually stare at a certain part of the guys head, and flex his hand, I realized that Blaze was actually going to kill him.

For what, making an immature joke?

He can't kill him. And I was going to make sure of it, I put my front foot out and wait for Ezra to start shifting the wait from his front foot to his back to give me the indication of when the blow would happen. If I want dot push him away I would have to do it from the front in order for it to be effective, but if I did from the front that would have a greater risk on me. I nervously flicked my eyes back and forth from he guys to Blaze, hoping that maybe he would change his stance.

And then it happened, Alpha Blaze's contracted in the calf of his front leg, indicating that I needed to push the guy out of the way. I ran in front of the guys pushing him out of the way, but not fast enough, Alpha Blaze's fist collided with my stomach, with pressure so intense it caused me to cough up blood, which fell on the ground and my lips.  I looked down at the guy who looked at me in shock.

I staggered to my feet in extreme excruciating pain, my vision going dark and hazy and head feeling liking it was exploding from the inside. More blood feel and soaked my tank top. I barely strain the words,"Y-you don't k-kill him.", before I collapsed against him.

My vision went black, as I passed out from the pain coming form my stomach.

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