Chapter Eleven

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"Wendi!" I said with a smile.

She giggled. "Weni!" She managed to get out between giggles.

I looked down at her smiling face and tried to memorize every line and freckle. I never wanted her to leave my sight again.

When she finally pulled away from me, I glanced up at the trio in the other corner of the cave. Tinkerbell and Queen Parisa were deep in conversation, while Pan was watching Wendi and I with intense eyes.

Wendi pulled on my pajamas bottoms. I looked down at her, and she pointed at them.

"That's Tinkerbell, Weni! She's so nice!" The excitement in her voice was enough to bring tears to my eyes. She thought this was all one great big adventure, while I just couldn't wait to go home.

Wendi grabbed ahold of my hand and dragged me over to the trio.

When we reached them, she let go of my hand and threw her arms around Pan. She hugged him tight.

Pan looked highly uncomfortable at bring shown such kindness by a little girl. He must have only been used to little boys that didn't know how to show that simple kindness.

Wendi looked up at him with her big brown eyes. "Thank you, Peter, for saving me from Captain Hook." She said in a quiet voice.

His eyes softened as he kneeled down in front of her. Pan returned the hug with a softness I had yet to see from him.

I stood by awkwardly watching this exchange.

Tinkerbell and Queen Parisa fluttered over to me.

I held out my hands, palm up, so that each one had a place to land.

Queen Parisa tilted her alabaster head at me in greeting, and I returned the gesture. Tinkerbell was the one I was worried about. What if she was like the mermaid, Lebsi, and thought I was here to steal Pan?

She fluttered her wings slightly to get my attention.

Tinkerbell bowed gracefully, and when she straightened back up, said, "I am Tinkerbell. I'm pleased to meet you, Gwen." Her voice was soft and had a slight lisp to it that reminded me of a tinkling bell.

I blinked slowly. Was she being nice to me? And did she just call me...Gwen?

"I-I" I stuttered out. Where were my manners at a time like this? I swallowed hard before trying again. "Pleased to meet you, too." My voice came out calm and nothing like my inner turmoil.

She nodded her head before glancing at Queen Parisa. "You seem surprised that I knew your name. My Queen told me that Peter calls you Wendy. Do you know why, Gwen?"

I quickly shook my head. Maybe he was a physio path with attachment issues?

Tink sent me a sympathetic smile. "He misses her." She said softly. "Everyday. Her golden brown locks, and her bright generous smile. They're things a boy can never forget." She sighs then leans closer until she's almost touching my nose. "He even went back for her once, but she was grown up and gone. Lost to this world forever."

Queen Parisa piqued up then. "An adult, that one. She even had children of her own, by then."

Tinkerbell glanced over her small, leaf clad shoulder at Pan before continuing. "Everything reminds her of him. The fun times they had together. The time spent exploring his home." She sighed again. "That's why he calls you Wendy, Gwen. Don't take it too personal. He calls every girl that wonders up here Wendy."

I tensed, but nodded slowly. I guess it all made sense, in a crazy sad way. I was just another in a long line of Wendys. Another to abandon him to his eternal loneliness.

Tinkerbell returned the nod, her blue eyes missing over. "But," she said, her voice cracking on the single syllable. She took a deep shuttering breath before continuing. "He needs to get past that fantasy. He needs to move on. Wendy's never coming, and he needs to see that."

Queen Parisa cut in, and added her own sense. "We want you to help him, Gwen."

I scoffed. Me help him? He had tricked me at every turn. Had took delight in my plight! And now they expect me to help him?

Queen Parisa spoke up again. "Just hear us through, Gwen. Please." Her voice was soft and pleading, and I found I had not choice but to listen.

"You haven't believed in him like the others. They all thought he was the good guy, the one to trust. All they did was remind him of a certain girl from times long gone. But are different." Tink said, explaining their plight.

Me? Different? Just because I didn't believe Pan was the hero of this tale? And why should I! The stupid boy had dropped me. On purpose!

And now I was to be his savior. Oh boy.

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