"The One"-Skylar and Nicole :) This goes out to you Nick and Alex!!!Jeerrkss!!!

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I remember that night as we kissed goodbye,

You wiped the runny tears from my eyes.

You said you loved me, gave me one last hug then left me.

What I didn’t know is that you were off to see another.

What happened to me being your one and only?

The one you came to when you felt lonely..

The one who’s hand you held lovingly.

I guess our love wasn’t meant to be.

That night will always come to my memory.

When you told me “it’s over” you really surprised me.

I guess you don’t understand,

The good times we had anymore.

Did you leave cause you don’t love me,

Or think that now I’m a bore?

I wish I was the one you still adored.

I really thought you were the one.

Your feelings for me had already begun,

When she took you away like she already won this little game called love.

Why would you go and do this to me?

Why do you like to watch me cry and bleed?

Through all this pain and suffering you did one more thing

You made me confused.

You made me feel like I was being used!

How can you still look at me and not want to yell and scream?

Pounding on my fragile heart;

You weren’t like this from the start.

Love is very strange sometimes.

Everything you said was right.

Your goofy laugh and your sweet smile

I haven’t seen it in a while.

Your big brown eyes and soft black hair,

I guess I should give up.

Since you don’t even care!

I don’t understand why we even met,

When every time I was happy you left.

Leaving my eyes, all the good memories we had.

So now here I am.

Alone, hurt, and sad.

I hope you’re glad.

"The One"-Skylar and Nicole :) This goes out to you Nick and Alex!!!Jeerrkss!!!Read this story for FREE!