Shower Time

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Marinette had come home from a long day of school. She came home gross and sweaty due to her last period being physical education. The bright, hot sun beaming down on her didn't help her overheating body.

She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and took out her hair, placing the hairbands in her pot. "Ugh. It's so hot today, Tikki. I'm going to take a cool shower." She spoke to her kwami. Tikki nodded in agreement. Marinette stripped in her bathroom and stepped into the bath and under the cool flowing water. She hummed a few random songs off the top of her head as she washed herself.

Once she had finished, she turned off the water and stepped out of the bath. She face palmed as she realised she had left her towel in the room, folded on her dressing table. She had also forgotten her pyjamas that were neatly folded on her bed. "Damn." She muttered.

She cringed as she opened the bathroom door slightly. "Tikki. I'm coming in, in my...well. My birthday suit? I guess. I forgot my pyjamas and my towel." She explained awkwardly.

"Quite forgetful today, huh Mari? Alright, my back is turned." The kwami replied. Marinette smiled before stepping out of her bathroom. Dripping with water, might I add. She walked over to her dressing table to grab her towel and wrap it neatly around herself. Her head shot up as she heard tapping on her window. 'Oh no.' She thought as she turned her head towards the tapping. What she saw was Chat. With a dark blush over his cheeks. 'Great. He saw.'

She walked towards the window to let him in. "What did you see?"

"I saw nothing! I saw nothing!" He exclaimed. She rolled her eyes.

"Uh-huh. The blush on your cheeks says otherwise." She sarcastically stated.

"Okay, fine. I saw everything." Her eyes widened and she turned her back to him, crossing her arms over her chest. He smirked to himself as he approached her from behind. "But." He said as he brushed her wet hair to the side and leaned closer into her ear. "I liked what I saw." He whispered before leaning down and sucking her neck.

"Ch-chat." She moaned, biting her lip. "I...I know what you want...but we can't."

"Why not? Your parents are out on a date, I'm sure we'll be done by the time they get back." He convinced, slipping his fingers into the top of her towel, attempting to unwrap it from her body. He let his girlfriend think for a moment.

"Fine. You win. But only because I love you and I want you." She agreed. He smirked before ripping the towel from her body and dropping it to the floor. He used one hand to turn her head in his direction only to kiss her roughly and lustfully, slipping his tongue in right away. He used his other hand to cup her breast and massage it, causing her to moan in his mouth.

Marinette reached up behind her to put her fingers through his hair. She nibbled on his bottom lip and moved her head to deepen the kiss as he massaged her. He took his hand away from her chest and turned her around by her hips, still kissing her as he picked her up, rubbing and squeezing her bare behind.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and allowed him to take her over to her bed and placed her down on it. He stopped kissing her to work his mouth magic on her breasts, nipping and sucking at her nipples, rolling the soft bud with his tongue. She clutched his hair as she moaned out her pleasure. He eventually let go and made his way back to her neck, leaving a few marks to claim what's rightfully his.

His hand eventually made it's way in between her legs, he didn't hesitate to stroke her before thrusting his fingers in and out of her, using his thumb to stroke her clit. Her chest and stomach was rising and falling rapidly due to that coil inside of her tightening. "Ch-chat! Ugh! Ah! Mmmm!!" She exclaimed. She looked at him, her eyes darkened with lust. She started pulling at his suit. " there any way to take this off?" She asked. He looked at her.

"No. I don't think so. As much as I'd like to go that far with you." He sighed. Marinette looked closely at his suit.

"Hold on. It looks as if there's a zip on your collar. What if...?" She reached up to his bell and pulled it down. "Voila!" She giggled as she found that the bell also acted as a zip. Chat's eyes widened.

"This is my suit. How did I not notice that?!" He whispered.

"I'm a seamstress, Chat. I know these things." She laughed. "Anyway, where were we?" She asked before kissing him again while getting on top of him and straddled his hips. She finished unzipping his suit and let him position himself at her centre.

She moaned and threw her head back as he filled her. She started to rock her hips back and forth, he held her hips as she rode him. Their moans and groans carried on until they reached their climaxes and came together. She rolled off of him and snuggled at his side, taking in his after sex scent. She was out of breath.

Suddenly the sound of her ringtone filled the room and she and Chat looked at each other with wide eyes. She answered her phone. "Hi...mama..." She said while still trying to catch her breath.

"Marinette? Why are you breathing so heavily?" Her mother asked. Marinette looked to Chat with wide eyes.

"I...just had a...nightmare." She lied, her breathing steadied.

"Oh, right. Well, we're on our way home now, so, get some sleep. Alright?"

"Yes mama. Good night." With that, Marinette hung up. "Well, judging that you're a cat with super paw-some hearing, I'm guessing that you heard everything?" She asked. Chat zipped his suit back up and nodded.

"Yeah, but I wanna stay here with you for a little while longer." Chat moaned. Marinette yawned.

"Fine. But only for a little while longer, Kitty. Mama and papa will be checking on me once they get home." She stated. Chat nodded and watched as she got out of bed.

"What are you doing, Princess?" He asked, biting his lip at the sight of his naked girlfriend.

"Getting in my pyjamas. I don't really want my parents seeing me naked." She whispered.

"Let me help you with that." He smirked.

"Okay. But no funny business." She laughed. With that, he helped her get in her pyjamas. Although she didn't need the help. They had finished when Chat platted Marinette's hair into two braids on each side of her head. "Thanks for the help, Kitty."

"What? No prize for helping my Princess?" He asked, placing a sarcastic hand over his heart. Marinette rolled her eyes.

"Consider this your prize." She said as she approached him and took his lips and tongue for her own, eventually trailing kisses down his jaw and leaving lovebites and hickeys down his neck. "There. Now you really are My Kitty." She smiled.

With that, they snuggled down in bed. Chat was fast asleep by the time Marinette's parents had come to check on her. But they didn't notice him due to the fact that Marinette was sleeping with her back to them and he was sleeping with his face buried in her chest. His arms were also around her waist, but the duvet covered them from Marinette's shoulder to Chat's feet. Luckily.

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