Tiny Klaine Stories: A date night with Kurt, Blaine &... Chandler

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{Hiii again! How are you all doing? First of all: THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! :') you encouraged me to write more & I actually wrote this part in a trip I was on.

Second: I decided to give each story a name starting from this one.

Third: this story isn't tiny at all! It's actually so long! But it's worth reading it.

Enjoy! ;)

•I spread love & ignore the hate•}

SECOND STORY: A date night with Kurt, Blaine &... Chandler

**Kurt's P.O.V**

_:"No, no, no! You don't see what I see, Rachel... No... I have tried that too... I've no doubt... Okay why don't you give it a chance? Just try it once & you'll love to use it for ever... Yes... Okay, you can borrow mine, but just for this time!... Okay, fine...bye."

With the last word, I hung up & put my cellphone on a desk in my room.

_:"Rachel is so stubborn! I wonder how Finn deals with her!!!"I thought inside still standing next to my desk. Then my cellphone started to ring, I looked at it's screen & when saw Blaine's name on it, I swear I had sparkles in my eyes.

_:"Hellooooo, mr.Anderson!"

_:"Hiii, cutie! How is your day?"

_:"Fine, how about yours?"

_:"It's about to be great. Who were you talking to? It's been like 15minutes that I've been trying to call you."

_:"Aaaah... I was talking to Rachel. It's impossible to convince that girl to do anything else than what she wants to do. All I wanted her to do was using the new foundation I offered her & she kept on insisting on this that her own is much better."

_:"You know her! She's such a stubborn child! Don't worry your pretty little mind!"

_:"Yes, she is!"

_:"So my point of calling you was to ask you out... on a date... to a night club. Will you accompany me?"

I smiled & replied:"Of course I will! I'll go any where with you!!"

_:"Great! I'll pick you up at 8."

_:"Okay, see you then, baby!"

And I hung up.

At about 7PM, I started getting ready, so I took a shower, blow dried my hair, brushed it to it's usual style & used some hair spray. Wore the outfit I bought a week ago & looked in the mirror. Not to be selfish or anything but I looked so hot! Before I knew it, it was 8PM & I heard the door bell.

_:"Kurt, Blaine's here." Shouted my dad, from down stairs.

I fixed my tie, wore my shoes & went out of my room.

_:"Hi Blaine!" I shouted as I began to walk down stairs. Blaine was talking to my dad & as soon as he heard my voice, turned to me, his hazel eyes sending shivers down my spine. He smiled & said:"Hi! You look stunning!" He kept staring at me which made me blush:"You don't look so bad yourself!" He looked like a dream come true, so handsome, so cute, so...

_:"Be safe & have a great time!" Burt cut my thoughts by saying that.

_:"I'll keep him safe Mr.Hummel, I promise." Said Blaine with his gentle voice.

Then we went out of the house & toward his car, sat in & he started to drive.

Ten minutes later, we were standing in front of the club he told me about.

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