(Jasper) A bed is better than the bathroom floor

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It was about three in the morning and the seven were asleep aboard the Argo II.  Piper was sound asleep in her cabin when she was suddenly woken up by a loud noise.  Piper was out of bed wielding a knife before she knew what was happening.  Taking slow steps towards the door, she swung it open to reveal an empty hallway.  Still on high alert, Piper walked slowly down the hallway trying to avoid making any noise.  She saw a bright light coming from the bathroom and went to investigate.  When Piper opened the door she saw a pitiful sight.  Jason was currently crumpled in front of the toilet using the lid as a headrest, looking paler than a ghost. "Oh sweetie.  What happened?" She exclaimed with a sad tone.  Jason looked up at Piper his eyes were a dull grayish blue instead of the bright sky blue Piper was so accustomed to seeing.  "I think it was the egg rolls that Frank made last night.  I've had a stomach ache all night.  I haven't puked yet though."  Jason offered weakly.  "Well, I feel fine." Said Piper kneeling on the floor and examining her boyfriend's face.  "I think you may have picked up that 24-hour bug that Percy had last week." Jason simply answered with a groan "Do you want to go to your cabin or do you think you'll be sick?"  "I think I can make it back to bed."  Jason said with an unsure look, raising his head from the toilet.  Piper offered both of her hands and tried to pull Jason off the floor.  Jason got to his knees and Piper was trying to pull him onto his feet when he suddenly yelled "Stop!" He promptly bent over the toilet and continued spilling the contents of his stomach into the bowl.  Piper looked on with pity as Jason finished being sick.  She sat down beside him and started to rub Jason's back, which earned a soft moan.  "I think I'll just stay here.  The bathroom floor is pretty comfy right about now."  "Jason, you can't stay in here.  You need to be in your bed.  Beds are more comfy than the bathroom floor."  After a bit more prodding and making sure he wouldn't be sick again, Piper helped Jason to his feet and they started the slow trek to Jason's room.  Once the pair made it to Jason's room Piper helped him lay down on the bed and covered him with a blanket.  "Can I get you anything?"  "I could use some water probably and maybe a trash can." Jason said, he was already half again.  "Okay sweetie, I'll be right back."  Piper made her way out of the room and noticed that Jason's lamp had fallen from his bedside table.  He must have knocked it over when he ran to the restroom so that was the loud sound I must have heard, she thought.  Piper reached the kitchen and got Jason a glass of water and grabbed the small trash can from the bathroom as she passed.  Piper returned with the requested items and gently set them down beside Jason, taking care to be quiet since it seemed he had fallen asleep.  Piper began to tiptoe out of the room when she heard a small voice say "Stay, please."  Piper turned and saw Jason propped up on one elbow.  "Please stay, I'm miserable and you make me feel better."  Piper sighed and went to sit on the edge of the bed.  She laid beside Jason and started to run her fingers through his sweaty blonde hair.  He was going to need to have it cut before long, it was just starting to touch his ears and Piper knew he hated that.  Before long both were asleep once again, it didn't last long though. About an hour later Jason's dinner made another appearance.  Piper helped him sit up on the bed and  after him and started to rub Jason's back again and whispered encouraging words.  "I'm so lucky to have you." Croaked Jason, his throat sore from all of the vomiting.  "I do it out of love." Piper cooed.  After helping Jason lay back down she started to rub his back.  "Feels nice." said Jason.  Piper watched as his breathing evened out and he finally drifted into sleep once again.  This pattern went on for the next few hours without fail.  Both teens finally drifted into sleep around nine that morning and slept late into the afternoon.

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