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Prankster's P.O.V

I walked into the detention room with a new rhythm to my step, is it bad I was happy that 'bad boy' would try to win me over so we can be partners in crime again? As I entered the detention room I immediately saw him sat in the corner smirking at me as I walked in but I still couldn't trust him, I mean I hardly knew him.

"Well hello there 'Prankster' you're looking extremely attractive today!" Bad boy told me smirking but he couldn't fool me, this was all part of the act.

"Hey there jerk, complimenting me isn't classed as winning me over. You have to earn my trust and get to know me!" I told him as I rolled my eyes.

"Oh I know that's why we're going to prank the headmaster again by filling his office with frogs from the science lab then I'm going to take you out to Nando's for our little catch up!" Bad Boy told me winking as he passed me a little box full of white tic tacs my favourite things in the world.

"Well thanks for the tic tacs, now tell me some things about you since we haven't spoken in four whole years!" I told him smirking as I propped my feet up on the desk getting dirty looks from the teacher on duty.

"Not much has changed, I still listen to 'Arctic Monkeys', still like the colour 'Orange', still have an annoyingly cute sister who is now eight who also asks about you all the time. I don't play football anymore because I kind of lost interest but moved onto swimming and I have a private tutor because of my new adoptive parents." Bad Boy told me causing me to lose my breath.

When 'Bad Boy' used to live next door he had two loving parents but one day he just moved out and I never saw his parents again so I don't know what happened.

"W-What about Tracey and Logan your parents?" I asked wondering about his parents, they were so caring and always invited me round for tea.

"They...they are...I can't do this!" Bad Boy told me before picking up his bag and running out the room, looks like the Ridgewood High's bad boy isn't as bad as he seems, maybe it's all a facade and I just saw a glimpse of the real him.


Short chapter of the real 'Bad Boy'! And yes if you were wondering Prankster used to be best friends with them but they split apart when bad boy moved away one day and they lost contact but no one knows why! Dedicated to -Cinderella !


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