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3rd POV

In a crowded middle school hallway a twelve year old Quinn is shoved by a running jock. She stumbles and slips to the side. She brushes against a stranger, her wrist and the girls elbow collide.

Quinn brushes it off and forgets about it, there are so many collisions it's not important.

She doesn't realise how wrong she is.


Rachel's loved the idea of soulmates from the moment she finally managed to read the words that had been on her slightly tanned skin, the spot below her right elbow, at age four. Everyone has it in a different place, the place where you first make contact with them. There mostly found on your hands, sometimes covered by gloves or jewellery. Rachel loves the idea of them, loves reading others and hearing the stories of the few lucky enough to have met them.

But by far she loves to read her own the most, 'Look! We're been friends exactly a year today but-' Rachel loves it because it's hers, it's a promise of a love story that would happen one day.


Rachel's one of the few lucky one who has a clue in her soulmark. Whoever it is (because she doesn't care which gender, she likes both and as long as her soulmate is  perfect) will kiss her on the one year anniversary of knowing each other. Rachel's kept a diary on her since it occurred to her she could track the exact day she met someone. Even if they're just friends she writes it anyway out of habit.

She has all her friends from glee (though they could be ruled out since she joined a year and a half ago) written in. She also makes notes on their marks, she writes about Artie's hidden by his gloves, Tina's, the words 'you are beautiful' on her palm, Finns 'I think your the best' on his shoulder. She notes the cramped speech written at the top of Kurt's fingers.

(He's unlucky in a way because the writings so small and a little messy so he can't read it beyond the first line 'Kurt, there's is a moment when you...' Only Kurt or anyone else can't read past that bit. But he sees it in a positive way, that his soulmate has written a entire speech about him and moments and love, and he's excited to hear it.)

It's an obsession because Rachel can't stop dreaming and thinking and planning the moment when she meets the one.

And then Quinn Fabray joins glee, after their second sectionals victory and Rachel meets the first person who hates the idea of soulmates, which she holds so dear.

"Can I ask you about soulmates?" She asked Quinn politely, notebook in hand. She had already wrote Quinn down, next to the date April 5th in sparkly blue gel pen.

"I don't believe in soul mates." Quinn said.

Rachel can't even imagine what her expression looks like.


Rachel looks shocked, like Quinn told her she was an axe murderer instead of the fact she doesn't believe in soulmates.

The words 'It's you' are cursed in Quinn's eyes and she hides them with bracelets on her arm. Out of sight, out of mind. They're on her wrist in a pretty font and the six letters haunt her.

Everyone's so obsessed with the idea of soulmates and all Quinn wants is a choice. She hadn't ever got a single choice in her life. Her parents control her future career, to become some sort of trophy wife because in her parents eyes her soulmate is a successful man who will let her live in luxury.

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