11. Proposal

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Chapter 11


Hussain sat there in the hotel terrace; his knees bent in, secured by his arms wrapped around, his back straight with the wall and his gaze up at the darkening sky wandering from one star to an other.

so many stars...

Moon, sky, this air how fortunate they are, they don't have to face what we have to in this world.

I wish I was a star, yeah I wished this all of my life but not that star... in real, literally a star up high on the sky, indifferent of the sorrows of this world, this pain, agony and regrets. Stars have to face nothing like that, I wish I was star up there oblivious to the worldly pain.

Looking at the pitch black sky his thoughts wandered and then he slowly shut his eyes.

He came back to his hotel a couple of days back after what happened there in the mosque, he couldn't go back, he couldn't face her. thou he knew he had to; he came here for meeting Tehreem, for facing her and today when he knew where she was and he could easily talk to her his heart was betraying him.

He didn't want to go back, to her.

One thing was for sure, he had no such feelings for Tehreem. Not any more.

He wasn't that Hussain who once fell for her beauty, her face and her innocence. Today the only feeling he had was of regret and remorse.

The only thing he wanted from Tehreem was forgiveness, for himself and for Ibraheem.

Apart of him wanted to face her, talk to her about what happened, about Ibraheem... about forgiveness but hen there was somebody inside him who was hating the idea of even standing in front of her ever again.

And that mosque?

He wanted to help them in building it once again, he had planned all that already and was about to discuss it with Maulana Sahab when all that happened.

But he had to, somehow and he will. He hated the sight of the shattered mosque, abode of his Lord, his Rabb in ruins.

Hussain heaved up a sigh, he felt tired and lethargic as if he won't be able to stand on his feet ever again, as if he was physically here in the hotel but his heart and thoughts still stuck in the mosque.

He felt paralyzed in pain and agony.


The man knocked on the door. Once, twice....and after a few more times when he got no response he pushed the door back and peeked inside finding him lost in a book in his hands, his forehead crumbled and gaze so intense he wondered what might be going on in his head?



"Naumaaan!" this time he called him a little louder than needed and Nauman looked up, with his facial expression weird, his eyes narrowed at his friend cum colleague who was standing in the door frame of his office.

"Oh Haris! when did you come?" he asked oblivious to his presence on the door for the last five minutes and Haris rolled his eyes, as he shook his head.

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