Chapter 24

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Tris P.O.V:
++Later On++

Both Steph and Dylan are in the infirmary making good progress. Dylan has woke up and Steph is almost as healthy as she was when she came in here. They are both allowed to leave now. I escort them out and go to Tobias/Four, who has already started training the rest of the initiates. Steph and Dylan catch up quickly until everyone is at the same stage.

Next is knife throwing, my favourite. "Ok, who's going to volunteer to stand in front of that target and get knife thrown at them?" Four says and nobody raises there hand, "no-one? Tris, do you mind?"

I stand in front of the target and watch the terrified faces of the initiates as he throws knifes towards my head. He obviously nips my ear on purpose to scare them even more. I put my hand to my bleeding ear and remember when I was an initiate.

++Later On++

The training day is over and Steph asked me if I'd show her around because her and Dylan missed the tour around. Dylan seemed to show up just before we started and tagged along. He never gives up!

He continued to flirt with me throughout the tour and when I'd finally had enough (at the end of the tour), I just said "I have 2 kids, you know. And my fiancé will probably kill you."
"I don't care, I'll beat his ass." replied Dylan, smirking.
"I doubt that very highly..." I said when Dylan began to walk away.

Steph just stood there in amazement. "You have 2 kids?!" she questioned me. I nodded my head while she continued to ask me questions, "who's your boyfriend? Is it Four?" I scoffed.
"Ok, I'm going to tell you a secret that you can tell no-one." She nods and I start to tell her the story of me and Four, Uriah, Verity, Xaiver, Tiny and the gang.
"Wow! You went through a lot!" I nod and take her back to her dorm as it's late. "So I won't be here in a couple of weeks because I'll be getting married but I'll be here for the last week because I want to see you guys finish and I want to see you beat Dylan. To be honest, I'd like to see anyone beat Dylan. He's an a**hole."
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