2. Interview and favorite books

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After some serious wandering around the fancy neighbourhood close by ours, I was finally able to find the right house. It was evident that Mr. Styles was wealthy. The white, four-storey house with huge and private yard let it out quite well. There was also a shiny, black Range Rover on the driveway and two car garage at the ground floor of the house. I felt suddenly underdressed as I started to climb the stairs to the mainfloor and the front door. I tried to pull down the hem of my floral patterned summerdress and cursed that I had settled to wear my old vans instead of something fancier.

I reached the front door and took a deep breath before ringing the bell next to the dark brown wooden door. I gave one more glance to the yard that included a lot of different trees and plants while giving some privacy for the house. It was beautiful how the white house rested between the green surroundings.

The door opened and there was older lady with black, curly hair greeting me.

"Ms. Lucas I presume." She stated and smiled to me. She was wearing a black dress and an apron and I believed that she must've been the maid.

"Yes, I have a meeting with Mr. Styles." I answered as I tried to hide my nervousness.

"That's right, please follow me." The lady announced and I stepped inside the house. The decoration of the house made me feel slightly more comfortable. It didn't include marble floors or something as silly as that. The floors were beautiful brown wood and walls mostly white or  light grey. The furnitures looked comfortable but at the same time extremely expensive. Most of them were either warm brown wood or covered with light colored canvases.

I followed as the lady who had opened the door, guided me right from the foyer, through the living room and at the right into the room that looked like a study. Mr. Styles was going through some papers while standing next to his table that was placed in the middle of the room so when he was sitting behind the desk, he was facing the door and there was a huge window behind him. He lifted his eyes from the papers as he heard us walking in.

"Thank you Leanne." Mr. Styles stated and gave a soft nod and smile to the lady that had escorted me in. She nodded and before she walked out, I gave her a thankful smile.

While doing my best to control my nerves, I turned my focus back to Mr. Styles.

"Ms. Lucas, please sit." He stated as he signed me to sit down on the chair in front of his desk. He walked to one of the shelves on the left wall and put the paper away before he returned behind the desk and sat down. "Please tell me about yourself." He continued as he took a paper from his drawer and pen from the holder on his desk.

"Okay. I've born and lived my whole life in Washington. I finished high school three years ago and after that I started to study in university as French my major and German as my minor. Now I'm keeping a break from my studies and trying my best to work as much as possible." I explained and tried to think what else I should tell. "I've worked the past three years in the café near my home, I do some translating and most of my highschool years I babysat in our neighbourhood."

"Any criminal record?" Mr. Styles asked next.

"No." I answered shortly and Mr. Styles made couple notes before returning his focus on me. "Political party?" He asked next and I was quite surprised by the question. But, then again, if I had been the one interviewing a new nanny for my kid, I would have asked all kind of weird questions.

"Democratic." I answered simply.


"Mom, dad and older sister." I answered and Mr. Styles nodded again. He kept changing his focus from his notes to me and back depending on was he asking questions or getting some answers. It seemed like he was used to being productive and completely focused in whatever he was doing at that moment.

"You said something about translating? I assume you speak multiple languages?" Mr. Styles asked while furrowing his eyebrows slightly as he kept his eyes on me for a longer moment and caused me to squirm under his scrutinity.

"Yes. French, Spanish, German and some Italian." I nodded and followed how his expression turned into a surprised one. My mom is from France and my dad's parents were originally from Mexico before they moved here little before my dad was born. Then I just wanted to add Italian and German to the list." I answered and tried to hold the eyecontact but it was hard because of the growing intensity in his eyes.

"Impressive." Mr. Styles stated as he turned his focus back to his notes. "So, how about a couple month trial period?" He continued and managed to give me a tiny heart attack. He was offering me the job?

"Sounds good." I answered finally when I got my head back together.

"Charlie is starting kindergarten in September and before that I would need you to work mostly at weekdays when I'm needed at the office. After the kindergarten starts, the work will focus to evenings and weekends when my wife and I have places to be and work to do." Mr. Styles explained and I just nodded as a sign of understanding.

"Your tasks include mostly only taking care of Charlie as we have Leanne working as our maid. But you need to do some cooking during the days because that's not included in her job."

"Okay." I simply stated and nodded again.

"Great. I only need to handle the backround check and after that's cleared, I will put together a contract." Mr. Styles informed and I agreed once again. We went through some basics before I finally left the house with a job. Or actually almost with a job, but I knew my backround was clear so it was quite sure already. I felt slightly lighter after realizing that my salary was really good and I could use most of it to pay our living and save some of it for college.

I might be able to get the control of my own life back.


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