Sun Wars /Güneş Savaşları

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Title:   Sun Wars      Güneş Savaşları  

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Genre / Subgenre: Science Fiction  Post-Apocalypse 

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Status: Complete

Written byBirHayalinHevesi

Tags Used : scifi world europe jupiter sun mars nasa pyramids battle aliens wattys2015


 An advanced human civilization, hidden for millennia, collapsed after the big wars. One pacifist clan among them managed to escape the conflict, travelling beyond our solar system. After ten thousand years, they have swallowed up all the resources of the planet they settled on. 

Now, the clan turns back to Earth to raid its resources. The only chance to save the Earth lies in the hidden weapons of their ancient civilization. Those hidden weapons are pyramids.

Sun Wars 

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Sun Wars, written first in Turkish as Güneş Savaşları , is so original I can't compare it with any book or movie.

What I love is its unique subject: the return of the Pacifist Clan to make war, and the use of deadly weapons to defend, all anchored here on earth at the pyramids blending the familiar and the unfamiliar.

But I also love the outstanding way BirHayalinHevesi has of expressing events as they unfold. I really love the style of this gifted writer.

I have never seen any book this impressive in sci-fi before.

I want to make it read by as many as people as possible.

Review by: 3jojukannesi

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