Prologue [3] – Charlie Bradbury

Spices and herbs dominated the aroma in the kitchen as the redhead cranked up the wireless speaker, moving her body to the music. She hummed the tune under her breath as she followed the directions to make dinner.

"How's dinner coming?" asked a sultry voice. The redhead felt arms slither around her from behind, felt the hot breath at her ear that made her shiver every time it came into contact with her skin.

"G-good," the redhead stammered. Even though they were living together, she acted so nervous sometimes. But her partner liked that about Charlie Bradbury. They were opposites, and everyone knew what was said about opposites. "M-might not turn out as good if you distract me."

The voice chuckled, sending chills up Charlie's spine. "Even when you blubber, you're adorable." Charlie twisted away from the pinch of her cheek. That was the one thing that she didn't like, that Scarlett Johansson had to constantly compliment her and pinch her damn cheeks. She'd gotten used to it in the beginning, now it was more of a nuisance. But Charlie couldn't tell Scarlett Johansson that. She didn't want to lose the love of her life.

And, no, the real Scarlett Johansson wasn't really dead; Heaven made a clone of her for Charlie's benefit. Instead of giving her Black Widow, redheaded Scarlett, Charlie was blessed with blonde ScarJo.

"Can you set the table?" asked Charlie, who was trying to calm her racing heart.

"Sure thing."

Charlie blushed as red as her hair when Scarlett kissed her on the cheek. The things this woman could do to Charlie. She wondered how she lucked out so much in Heaven.

When a mutual song came on that the two enjoyed, they found themselves singing off-key with the music. As Scarlett rummaged through the cabinets and got out the plates, silverware, and glasses, Charlie did the finishing touches on their dinner for the night.

"Charlie!" Scarlett yelled over the music. It wasn't a panicked shout, one just to get her attention. "Charlie, turn down the music!"

Acting quickly while keeping a sharp eye on dinner, Charlie cranked the volume downwards. She looked at Scarlett, and every time she did, she had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. "What's up?"

They both heard it: knock, knock, knock.

Scarlett gestured to the sound of the noise. "That."

"Mind getting it, since you're closer?"

Scarlett nodded before running off to get the door. As Charlie set out dinner on the set table, she heard two sets of footsteps coming to the kitchen. Scarlett had a habit of letting everyone into their home, with the exception of fanatics.

"Charlie?" Scarlett's tone was laced in worry. "Charlie, honey?"

At this, Charlie picked her head up. She nearly dropped the plate of food she held in her hands. Her blue eyes widened.

Her angelic friend, Castiel, was standing beside her girlfriend, Scarlett Johansson. This was the kind of stuff you just couldn't make up.

Charlie's body stopped for the smallest second. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think. Her mouth was full of cotton, any words that came to mind weren't coming out. The last time she'd seen Castiel was before she'd...died.

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