Prologue [2] – Meg Masters

Meg Masters was used to the eerie night in Purgatory. This place, she felt, was worse than Hell. And that was saying something.

She never rested, Purgatory wasn't a place for the weary. You were either the prey or the hunter. In Meg's case, she was the prey, for there were far older, more powerful creatures in here that would love to sink their teeth into a demon.

With a handmade weapon from the branches of the trees in Purgatory, Meg kept moving. In here, you had to if you wanted to survive. She wasn't sure what would happen to her if she died in this Monster Hell. It was something she really didn't want to think about.

Meg watched where she stepped, any noise would alert her hunters to her. She was still recovering from her last attack with a trio of vampires. She hadn't gotten bitten, but they'd roughed her up pretty good.


Meg swung around, swatting her stringy, blonde hair away from her eyes. Ugh, how she hated the blonde hair. She wanted to kill Crowley, the King of Hell, for doing that to her.

Her handmade weapon was pointed outward, ready to stab anything that came near her. She didn't dare call out, "Who's there?" because she wasn't an idiot.

Shivers prickled up Meg's spine. Something was nearby, she could sense it. Her hand tightened around her weapon. She was prepared to go down in a fight. Many times, she'd come close to losing. Would this time be it? Not if I get a say in it.

Her mud-brown eyes searched through the thinning forest. She flinched at seeing something move but realized it was only branches moving with the slow breeze that now decided to make itself known in the night. Come on, you bastards. I'm ready, she thought.


The voice was so quiet and so low that the demon almost thought she didn't hear it.

She turned around slowly, straightening up at the figure in the darkness. The voice sounded oddly familiar, but the name and face was escaping her.

When the figure stepped into view, Meg relaxed her weapon.

"Well, well, just what trouble did you land yourself in to get here, Castiel?" Meg asked in amusement as she took note of the angel before her. He was just as she remembered him to be: mussed, dark hair. Does he ever wash that thing? she wondered, taking note of the trademark trench coat the angel wore. In his one hand, he held a silver, long angel blade.

"No trouble," said Castiel, his voice low. "I came here for you."

Meg's eyes widened in surprise. "How flattering. But I don't need to be saved. I'm doing just fine on my own, as you can see."

"Yes, just barely, from what I can see."

Meg swallowed. Castiel could see the claw marks on her face, her one black eye. "It looks worse than it really is." She dared to take a few quiet steps in the dark. "What do you want, Castiel?"

"I need your help."

Meg snorted softly. "You came to this hellhole to ask for my help? What apocalyptic mess did the boys run into now?"

Castiel nodded once. "Nothing exactly...apocalyptic."

"So, they're in trouble. Old news."

"They're missing."

"Can't you track them down?" Meg failed to understand why Castiel dragged himself down to Purgatory of all places if he had his powers. He must've lost his marbles again. He knows angel is a prime choice meal for Leviathans.

"Someone's cloaked them. Believe me, I've tried."

Meg pursed her lips. "And you came here to Purgatory why again?"

"I need help."

"So you chose to seek the help of a demon." Meg rocked back on her heels.

"You may be a demon, but I see you more as a f—"

"I will accept ally, Castiel, but not that f word."

"You know I was going to say 'friend', right?"

Meg grimaced. "You said the f word that I don't like to hear." She sighed. "Not all your marbles came back, did they? You know, if you just wanted to visit, the lame excuse wouldn't be necessary."

"I know a way back to Earth, a way out of Purgatory. If you come with me right now, I'll get us both out of here."

"So, I help you find Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I get out?" Meg raised an inquiring eyebrow.

Castiel looked at her, exasperated. "Yes. Now, are you going to help me or not?" He looked around, eyes scanning the forest of Purgatory. "Something's coming."

Remain in Purgatory or get topside to help out the Winchesters, her indirect reason for landing here? It was pretty much a no brainer to Meg. She'd rather live a hundred lifetimes on Earth than spend one second more in Purgatory.

Meg refastened her grip on her weapon, and looked the angel dead in his ocean-blue eyes. "Lead the way, Clarence."

**I know, I know. Meg had blonde hair before she died. But there weren't enough gifs to support the blonde hair. Besides, it'll work out. So for now, imagine Meg with blonde hair whenever she has her own gif for a chapter.

And, as you guessed, Meg landed herself in Purgatory. Not too, too surprising, is it? I know there's the Empty, but I can't recall if demons go there, like angels, when they die. Oh, well, creative license. The Empty wouldn't hold much importance in this story even if that were the case.**

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