Chapter 2

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At last, Hyunsoo made it. It was the first day of her first year in high school. It was a new school, with new people and no bullies to bother her here. Or at least, she hoped.

A lot had changed since the last day at her middle school. For one, she had lost a lot of weight. Hyunsoo was now a petite figure. One could say, she is below average, but it was better than being fat. No one wants to be bullied for their weight. Being in a new school meant there was a fresh new start awaiting her. She couldn't allow herself to miss this chance. She couldn't allow herself to get bullied again.

There was just one thing she couldn't get her mind off of during the holidays. The mystery boy from the last day of middle school. The boy who punched. What if he came to the same high school as her? What if she wouldn't be able to recognise him? What was she even thinking? If she did recognise him, then what happens next? What was she supposed to do with that? There was no way Hyunsoo would approach him. Not with such a shy and self-conscious kind of personality. She was never one to socialise with everyone. This lead to her second dilemma she was currently facing. Hyunsoo was wandering around the school during break all alone... without having talked to anyone since the beginning of the day. Making friends was so hard. What was it that she had to do?

The new high school she was at was much bigger than her middle school. Hyunsoo had trouble the entire first half of the day looking for her next classes. Still, the teachers were kind enough to let the students off for the first day, though the senior students were not as sympathetic. Every time Hyunsoo walked past her seniors, she had to bow down to be able to walk past freely without being stopped. It was much stricter here than in middle school and no one even cared about formalities in elementary school. She had no idea what happened to students who were stopped, but she wasn't planning on finding it out either.

It was during her lunch break when she finally had a chance to open her mouth. A boy with black hair and a big smile plastered on his face approached her. At first, she thought it was that boy from middle school, but she realised that this guy had a more positive kind of aura than the other one. He was also in his first year, as she had seen him in a few of her classes before. He stood right in front of Hyunsoo, who was sitting on a bench eating her chicken sandwich.

"Hey, I'm Jimin! I've seen you in nearly all my classes so thought it'd be nice if we became friends," he said smiling brightly down at Hyunsoo's shy face.

"Um, sure... that'd be nice."

"Great! Is that a chicken sandwich? I love chicken!" he hovered down staring at the sandwich with glistening eyes, while Hyunsoo chuckled slightly at him.

"I have another one... have it," Hyunsoo held out a sandwich to him, trying to smile just as brightly as he did when he took the sandwich and sat down next to her on the bench.

"This is so good! I'm kind of thirsty now though. Hey, I'll go buy 2 strawberry drinks for us, since you gave me your sandwich. I'll be right back!" he jumped up and sped off to the cafeteria.

Well, that was quick, Hyunsoo thought. It hadn't been 5 minutes and Jimin was already acting like they'd been friends since forever. They went everywhere together after that. Not that she hated it. In fact, she loved it. She wasn't alone and she was happy. After that, the day went by really quickly, and then it was finally time to meet her homeroom classmates at the end of the day. She was worried that Jimin wouldn't be there, but it turned out he wasn't kidding. They had all their classes together... all except Math class. That didn't matter though. She was still happy to have finally found a friend.

Hyunsoo and Jimin went to their homeroom together arriving a bit late, however, the teacher still hadn't arrived, so the class was pretty loud. Most girls were sitting on top of their desks talking to their friends, while the guys stood together in a group yelling loudly about... well, anything really.

"Let's get good seats Hyunsoo! Near the back," Jimin said, dragging Hyunsoo by the arm until they reached the back desks.

A boy with similar black hair like Jimin's had already taken the desk in the corner. The desk next to him and the one in front were the only ones left, so Jimin decided to take the one in front and Hyunsoo was left with nothing but the one next to the boy in the corner.

"OK SIT DOWN EVERYONE! I'M YOUR TEACHER!" yelled a boy with brown hair. He grabbed a chalk and started writing his name on the board.

'Jung Hoseok'


"What you'll be doing in detention?"

All heads turned towards the door, where stood a man with a stack of books in his hands. It was our homeroom teacher. He gave a slight smile, as if he was yearning for this moment of catching a student to send to detention.

Hoseok gulped.

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