Chapter 8: In the war you can do the things you always had in mind

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"Okay, what else do we need? Sunscreen, sunglasses, a big blanket... Oh, hats! We need a hat for Jimmy!" Tyler said.

"On it", Josh smiled as he rushed up the stairs again to grab Jimmy's hat. He also picked out one of his favorite snapbacks and Tyler's black hat he liked to wear. It was the only hat he wore, really.

He went downstairs and stood in front of his husband again.

"We need after sun, lip balm, some clothes for after swimming, a light jacket for Jimmy..." Tyler started listing. "I'll grab bottles of water, 'cause that's super important too..." He continued. "Oh! And our small first aid kit of course", he said as he looked at Josh.

Josh smiled at his husband. He loved how prepared Tyler always wanted to be. He loved his prepared he always wanted to be for Jimmy. He loved how good Tyler took care of Jimmy. He didn't forget one thing when it came to Jimmy's safety or health.

"I kinda want to bring a book too... And we should bring our speaker to listen to music", Tyler said as he walked to the kitchen table and picked up the book he was currently reading. "Binoculars, 'cause Jimmy loves to look at the boats, our uno card game..." Tyler said as he walked around to get the items and put them in the bag. "...I think that's it", Tyler said.

"I'll go get the other things from upstairs", Josh said as he rushed up the stairs once again to get the stuff. He put them in the beach bag downstairs and let out a sigh.

"I think we're all set", Josh said. Tyler nodded. "Shirt off, you need sun screen too", Tyler said as he took the bottle and squirted sun screen on his hand. Josh took off his shirt and Tyler rubbed it all over his upper body, face and legs.

"Good, I already have sun screen on", Tyler said as he put the sun screen back in the bag and washed his hands.

Josh went to get Jimmy and turn off the tv. Then they grabbed their basket and bag and headed out of the door, into the car and on their way to the beach.


After a forty minute drive, they finally arrived at the beach. Josh parked the car in the parking lot and went to get the bag and the basket. Tyler got Jimmy out of the car and carried him on his arm.

They searched out a nice spot at the beach. There weren't many people, which was great. It was a nice, quiet day at the beach. There were some children playing and some couples and families enjoying the sun, but there was enough free space so they didn't have to sit between large groups of people. They could also easily keep an eye on Jimmy, since it wasn't that crowded.

Josh spread out the big blanket and they sat down on it. Tyler took off Jimmy's shirt and put sun screen on him again.

"Don't take off your hat, Jimmy", Tyler said as he made sure his son was protected from the sun with the sun screen.

"Okay daddy", Jimmy said as he patiently waited for Tyler to be done. Then Tyler took off Jimmy's shoes and replaced them with water shoes. That way he couldn't trip over flip flops, 'cause he didn't wear flip flops, and he couldn't step on sharp rocks or shells and hurt his feet.

"You're such a sweet boy, did you know that?" Tyler said as he lifted Jimmy on his lap. Jimmy giggled and cuddled up to Tyler. Josh lay down next to him on the big blanket and smiled at them. "I love my boys so much", he sighed happily and Tyler giggled at him. "Your boys love you so much as well", he smiled as he blew a kiss to Josh.

"Let's eat something first, okay Jimmy?" Tyler said as he reached over and grabbed the basket. Jimmy nodded and Tyler grabbed a sandwich for him. Jimmy started eating small bites of the sandwich.

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