Chapter 8: In the war you can do the things you always had in mind

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It's been way too long since I updated this fanfic. But I'm back with a new chapter! I hope you all enjoy it and like always, I love to read your comments so don't be afraid to comment as much as you want to. Votes will help me a lot, guys, so that'd mean a lot too. 💕


Two weeks passed, and it was Saturday. Tyler was working half days again, and Jimmy was going back to school.

Today they all had a day off, and Tyler wanted to go to the beach with his husband and his son.

"Are you excited honey?" Josh asked as he was putting sun screen on Jimmy before helping Jimmy to get dressed in his swim trunks and a shirt. Jimmy nodded heavily. "Daddy and I haven't been at the beach for a really long time", he said and Josh smiled. "I haven't been at the beach for years", Josh said. "That's a really long time", Jimmy noted and Josh chuckled. "That's right", he said.

"Where are your bucket and shovel?" Josh asked as he finished putting on sun screen and dressing Jimmy.

"In the play box", Jimmy answered. Josh stepped over the train rails and walked up to the playbox. He couldn't get over how awesome he thought the playbox Tyler had chosen for Jimmy was. He just loved how Tyler decorated Jimmy's room in general.

He opened the playbox and got out Jimmy's bucket, shovel and some other beach toys such as an inflatable beach ball

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He opened the playbox and got out Jimmy's bucket, shovel and some other beach toys such as an inflatable beach ball.

"C'mon sweetie", Josh said as he motioned Jimmy to follow him. They left the room and walked downstairs. Josh placed the toys on the dresser in the living room and they walked to the kitchen, where Tyler was making sandwiches for them to bring to the beach.

"All done?" Tyler asked with a smile as Josh wrapped his arms around Tyler's waist and kissed his cheek.

"All done. Where can I find the beach bag?" Josh asked. Tyler put the knife down and turned around in Josh's arms. "It's underneath the stairs, can you bring me the basket too?" Tyler asked as he pressed a kiss on Josh's chin and looked up at him. Josh nodded and leaned down to kiss his husband. "Of course baby", he smiled and Tyler pulled him in for another kiss. He let go of Tyler and walked back to the hallway. Jimmy was sitting on the couch watching Adventure Time.

He walked back to the kitchen with the basket and put it on the kitchen counter. "Here you go", Josh said and Tyler smiled. "Thank you baby", he said as he pecked Josh's lips and grabbed a sandwich bag to pack the sandwiches. Josh walked upstairs and grabbed the beach towels and flip flops. He put them in the beach bag and walked back downstairs. He then put Jimmy's toys in the bag as well and put it down. He walked back to the kitchen and saw that Tyler was putting the sandwiches, cookies and fruit salads in the basket.

"Can you get the Capri sun? It's in the fridge in the garage", Tyler asked. Josh nodded and headed to the garage to get the Capri sun. He walked back to the kitchen with the drinks and gave them to Tyler, who put them in the basket.

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