"He can't have both"

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Two weeks later

"Hey beautiful, want to spend the night in my room?" Jake winked and I chuckled at him, shoving him backwards into the couch with a little push on his chest. Every since we spent the night together, he always dropped suggestive comments, leaving me burning bright red.

"Get stuffed, you're like a dog on heat," I scolded him playfully, reaching for the remote. He pouted and whined like a dog, causing me to grin at his adorable, puppy like behaviour.

"Jake, heel!" I said firmly, pointing my finger at him. He scrunched his eyebrows up -

"I can't heel, I'm on the couch, dumbass."

"Hey!" I protested, shoving him hard. He barely moved an inch and instead smirked at me, his eyes shining brightly.

"I'm glad you and Tobias are okay now," I added, smiling warmly at him. At the mention of Tobias, he rolled his eyes dramatically, scowling.

"We're not okay, we put up with each other. There's a difference Muffin."

"He's not that bad Jake," I replied, glancing at the television screen.

"Yeah you're right, he's terrible," Jake responded, jumping up off the couch to grab his phone which had been pinging non stop for the past minute. He unlocked his phone before his eyes travelled quickly across the screen.

"Everything okay?" I asked, watching as his shoulders sank and his eyes darkened considerably.

"Yeah, I'll be back soon," he responded tightly, grabbing his jacket from the opposite couch.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked, eyebrows scrunched up. He had promised to spend the night with me eating junk food and watching movies.

Adam Sandler was not someone you could watch on your own, it's just not the same.

"I'll be back soon, a few hours tops." He mumbled, looking around for his keys. I leaned forward, picking them up from the coffee table and chucked them at him -

"You said that the last three nights Jake, can't the gang go without you for one night?" I frowned, the disappointment clear in my voice. I heard him sigh and lift a hand to his face, rubbing his eyes.

"I can't Muffin, I'm sorry."

I let out a small sigh -- I couldn't help feeling disheartened.

"I'll see you tomorrow I suppose," I mumbled.

"Tonight." Jake corrected me, kissing my forehead quickly.

"You also said that for the past three nights and I never saw you until the morning," I rolled my eyes, struggling to hold back the disappointment in my voice.

"It's work Emily," Jake justified, heading for the door, barely listening to what I was saying. The door slammed shut and just like that, he was gone. I sighed and flopped back on to the couch, pausing the movie.

"That's my Friday night ruined," I grumbled to myself. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts before ringing Trish. The phone rang a couple of times before she answered.

"Hey Trish! Jake's gone AWOL on me again so I need plans, what you got?" I asked her, popping a piece of popcorn in my mouth. I heard her shuffle around on the other side before she finally replied -

"A bunch of kids from college are going to a new club opening downtown. It's free drinks until eight pm. I can come with you if you want to go?" she said, the excitement in her voice growing.

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