Got my school work, the mail, new pet wolf?

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*Picture is of the found dog

I used to think that things were black and white in my town; that people were people and animals were animals. That was until the day that I took a different route home from school than I normally did. My mother had asked me to stop at the post office after school the night before to pick up the mail. Of course the post office was in the opposite direction from home, so I was going to be later than normal in getting home. It's about a 45 minute walk from the school to the post office and a 45 minute walk from the school to my home. It was going to be over 2 hours by the time I got home, not that I was in any kind of rush to get home. Being from a rich family didn't mean anything if you were the one that was a mistake, especially if you were the eldest. Hence why I have to walk everywhere. I don't get the same luxuries that the rest of the family did because I was the reminder of my mother's infidelity.

I was originally supposed to go to my father and live with him since my mother didn't really want me. But on the day that he was supposed to pick me up he had gotten into a car accident with a drunk driver on the way to pick me up. Although I'm not all that sad because I didn't really know him before he died, there are some days where I wonder if life would've been easier if he had survived and I got to stay with him.

When I finally got to the post office I quickly went through the three mail boxes that are owed by my family. For the amount of boxes that we had and the sheer size of them, I was surprised that we had so little mail to collect. I carefully placed the mail into my backpack, making doubly sure not to bend or crumple any of the papers. I wasn't in the mood to get a beating today or to go to bed without dinner, and that's what had happened the last time I had come home with the mail slightly crumpled at the corners. I waited a couple more minutes inside the post office so that my hands could warm up a bit before I headed out and towards the house.

By the time I got to the halfway point of my walk back home, which was the school, my fingers were starting to sting painfully to the point where even sticking them in my jacket wasn't helping any. Then again my jacket wasn't all that warm to begin with considering that it was just a school uniform jacket. The only thing that my mother and stepfather had ever done for me that was more or less nice was throwing me into this prestigious all girls high school, and I only get to stay in school if I do as they ask me to around the house. Since I'm in my last year of high school I wasn't going to be at school for that much longer either. My mother and stepfather have kept me so busy that I haven't been able to get a job to save up enough money to get out of this place once school was done. I didn't want to be their slave forever.

I ducked into a doorway to try to block out some of the wind and warm up my hands for a moment. I really needed to finish knitting that pair of gloves otherwise I was going to get frost bite and lose my fingers before the end of the winter. Just as I was about to start off towards the house again, I heard a small noise coming from the direction that I had just come from. I froze and slowly turned my head to look in the direction of the noise, my heart pounding inside its cage. My eyes widened slightly when I saw a big brown and black dog, it looked remarkably like a German Shepard but bigger, limping across the street not too far from me.

I just stared at it, confused. I was pretty sure that no one around here had a dog, so where had this big guy come from? I moved out of door way to try to get a better look at it as it lumbered slowly into the second lane of traffic. The poor thing looked hurt and exhausted. I had only taken a step towards the road when I saw it collapse into a heap, and a truck was heading right for it. I've always had a love for animals but I swear I've never done anything as crazy as what had just come to my mind. It's like I forgot everything including my own life, ran out on to the road to where the dog was laying, and stood there with my hands out stretched and closed my eyes, praying that the truck would stop. I heard the screeching of tires, a really loud horn and then a warm metal touched my palms with just enough force that I had to bend my arms or I would've fallen backwards onto the dog. I opened my eyes and looked up at the angry driver.

"What the fuck are you doing? I could've killed you!" he screamed down at me from his partially opened window. "You need to put that mutt on a leash and get the fuck off the road!"

Without another word he rolled up his window and drove around me and the dog. The jerk didn't even offer to help, although, he had looked like he was ready to run over the dog and not have given a second thought about it. I sighed and swore under my breath as I turned around to face the dog. I supposed it could've been worse though. I mean he could've just hit both of us but he didn't so I was relatively happy for that. I knelt down next to the dog and quickly looked him over. He was a lot bigger in person and even in his ragged state the dog's fur looked so fluffy and soft, I had the urge to reach out and touch it but convinced myself it would be better not to. He was still breathing which was a good sign but the big problem was, was that he had a sizable hole in his back thigh that was still oozing blood.

"How the heck am I supposed to get you out of here?" I muttered to myself as I began to subconsciously bite my fingernails. He was way too big for me to drag off the road, let alone carry anywhere else. Almost like the dog understood what I said, he staggered to his feet and limped the rest of the way off of the road before falling down again on the sidewalk.

"Jeez, you are one determined and stubborn dog," I commented as I smiled down at the dog that was laying on the sidewalk, this time I gave into the urge and rubbed his head gently. The fur really was soft and fluffy, which made me almost lose my cool and squeal in childish delight, almost. "But we still need to get you out of the cold, and my house is still at least a 40 minute walk away from here."

He gave a snort and stood up again, a bit more slowly than the first time but he seemed to be more steady this time around than he had been a couple minutes ago. Once he was standing he stared up at me and cocked his head to the side. It took me a moment to realize that he was ready to get moving, I had gotten momentarily distracted by his odd yet beautifully coloured eyes. I had never seen a German Shepherd with yellows eyes that were interrupted by exciting, little flecks of light blue that circled his pupil.

I started walking down the sidewalk towards the house, occasionally glancing back at the dog to make sure that he was okay. He seemed to be able to keep up fairly well, but I still slowed down my pace just to make sure that I wasn't making things difficult for him by walking too quickly. As we walked back to the house, I began to think about how strange it was to find such a smart and well trained dog just randomly wandering around the streets. Could he have been abandoned? I doubt it, this dog just seemed like the perfect pet. So perhaps him showing up here had something to do with that wound on his leg. Which reminds me I was going to need to take him to the vet once I was finished with my chores for the day, or maybe I could convince Herald to take him for me if things got really busy, which they almost always did.

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