Part 5

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{The House}

Rosetta's POV •

When Trial Day Came The Whole Court was set up as usual with a jury but just to refresh you all on a recent event that currently happened Gabriella in an unauthorized manner raided my prison space and chained me with silver I swear she's physco.

And the reason she did this is because she was so full of her self she phoned Michael just for him to tell her he moved on blah blah blah he loves me that he will miss her she was his dream girl and all she said was "Apparently I was the girl of your dreams until you decided to wake up. didn't you now? well lucky for me your mate is in front of me and I have the right away to torture her good bye."

What you heard on the line was a thundering growl promising vengeance.

But I still got whipped, chained, forced to lay on silver and sit next to a bowl of wolfsbane which was weakening my sense of smell.

But luckily for me there where cameras everywhere with mic.

So I won the case and was given the option to sue that bitches insurance company better get ready because Rosetta is out for blood.

I inherited 8 Million and a house from the insurance company. Signing the paperwork with my realtor in the courthouse the house was new and mine with warrantee and owner not a rental. I drove to the address and gosh this house was gorgeous. It was huge inside so I instantly went furniture shopping.

Its kind of weird how this situation gave me a home and a ton of money I feel like I don't deserve it in all honesty it was just so easy. But things happen for a reason. At The Mall I went into Niki, VS, interior designs, bath and body works, target etc. but I needed something to settle my stomach so i visited the food court.

On my way to a table with KFC on my hip I unexpectedly bumped into the Alpha of the KB pack the one I'm currently in, aka 2nd strongest pack in the world.

"Oh, Hello I didn't see you there Alpha Moore."

"Please do call me Jonathan."

I Smiled And was about to walk away until he offered to eat lunch with me I said OK and it went great we ate we talked and it was kind of weird I felt he was flirting with me half the time but it was OK I mean it's just been like any regular lunch.

~ I am so excited to begin posting all the chapters ive been drafting lately 💜!

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