Part 3

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POV Chapter {Short}

Rosettas Brother •

Getting back home laughing and gossiping with my parents. The heights was devine, but I always want to avoid coming home knowing that Ill have to recognize my sibling who I've done so wrong too throughout my life. Something was unusual because her sleek black jeep was gone and her house keys where in the knob.

We all looked at each other questionably and entered the home to smell a distant smell Rosetta Was gone. I rushed to her room to
See all her decorations where gone her dresser her closet and her bathroom where all empty with envelopes pinned to the wall for people.

I wondered why the Alpha Kings Name was on one of them.

When we had all read the letters except for Michaels. Mom was having an emotional breakdown my dad was pacing and I was regretting everything. This was so fucking nerve wrecking! And I don't blame my sister for doing it in werewolf history this situation occurs frequently. a tear escaped followed by another and another until I was shaking holding my head in my hands. All I'm really thinking is why did we even treat her like that what was the purpose shes not a punching bag so it left me emotional and thought filled.

I sorrowfully trudged down the stairs to my BMW and drove to Alpha King Throne to deliver the letter.  I slipped it under his hotel room door and walked away to once again encounter my broken family.

Michael Throne•

I woke up to the rough sound of a letter sliding under my door, I rubbed my eyes away from sleep and picked up the letter only to smell Rosetta.  I ripped it open as soon as I realized rosetta wrote it.

Michael~ You where supposed to be my mate and in some small way you almost convinced me that I mattered but I hope you the best wishes chasing after the girl you really care about whose name goes by Gabriella. Besides you won't have too worry about me. I'm going far, far away. Farewell.

I cried. It felt so strange, crying felt so foreign most likely because its been ages since tears have rolled down my face. Yesterday all I did was lay on the couch watching 90's TV shows to see if anything made me smile or snicker at least but nothing I was so shocked when she rejected me, I wondered why I rejected her at all and then I remembered why I ran to my Beta's hotel room to punch him multiple times because he told me to reject her. But I knew it was my fault I just wanted to blame it on someone else.

I feel empty. I feel soul-less with out her and I never knew her. All I was Doing was overthinking and I felt fucking crazy I swear there is an on going war in my mind besides the point that my werewolf (Max) was reminding me and replaying my rejection scene over and over again in my head even in my dreams it was unescapable and, I can shut him out but I deserve what Max is doing I really do and thats all I know.

So what I did, was all I could do, and so I called Up my future queen Gabriella.


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