Chapter 2: Waking Up to You

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When my alarm went off the next morning, I groaned and reached over to hit it until it turned off. Instead of the hard plastic alarm, however, my arm smacked against something soft. Huh. That's weird. I tried again, moving slightly. I must have shifted in my sleep. My hand came down, smack!

"Ow! What the Hell?"

Wait. Did my alarm clock just yelp? I forced my eyes open blearily, then frowned. I must still be asleep. I pinched myself. It didn't work. So I tried pinching the person next to me.


"Oh. Uh, sorry, Dimitri."

"What the Hell, Roza?" he groaned rubbing his arm where I'd pinched him.

"Wait. Did I?"

"Pinch me? Yeah. Whatever for?"

"Oh, that was because I thought I was still asleep, and pinching myself didn't work, so I thought... well, actually I'm not sure what I thought. I wasn't quite awake yet."

"No kidding." He rolled his eyes. "But why'd you smack me?"

I frowned. "I didn't smack you, Comrade; you must have been dreaming."

"No, I'm pretty sure I didn't dream that you smacked me."

"Uh, I think I'd remember smacking you. Where did I allegedly smack you, anyway?" As soon as the words left my mouth I remembered blearily flailing about trying to turn off the alarm. Oops.

He blushed and indicated the area between his legs. Wait, why was he blushing? Oh. OH.

"Sorry. I thought..." Now it was my turn to blush.

He raised his eyebrow. "You thought what?"

"ThatIwasturningoffmyalarm" I mumbled under my breath.


"I thought I was turning off my alarm, jeez."

"That's how you turn off your alarm?"

"Hey. I don't like mornings." I said defensively.

He snorted. "I'll make sure to sleep on your other side when we're in your room then."

We both froze as we realized what he'd said.

When we're in your room. When. He was planning to wake up next to me in my room. This was bigger than allowing me to seduce him. Bigger than taking my virginity. Bigger than letting me fall asleep with him afterwards, rather than sending me back to my room as I half expected. I woke up next to him this morning; but not only was he planning on us doing this again, he was planning to wake up next to me! When I'd had a moment to recover from shock, I mentally began squealing and happy dancing. This was it! He'd finally given in – even if he hadn't quite realized it yet. A glance at his bemused but resigned expression assured me he had. He wasn't going to fight it any more! He –

"Roza." He startled me out of my jubilant daze. "Before you faint on me, let me clarify."

Uh oh. Here it comes. My good mood soured and I groaned.

"And before you kill me, just hear me out."

I frowned at him.

"Roza." He dusted off his stern, slightly disapproving mentor voice.

I sighed. "Fine."

"Thank you. Now, it's not nearly as bad as you think."

"How do you know what I think?" I interrupted grumpily.

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