Kay/Jin Ae----->

Hey, Names Lee Kay. That isn't my real name. Over the years, i've had to change it. My real name is Jin Ae.

Most stories like these are pretty sappy, all 'oh I love you forever. But I love someonelse' type of story, Mine is different. I'm not human and i'm anything but Normal.

My life has been... complicated ever since I was turned. I'm not an ordinary vampire. I have these powers... That I can't really control. Ever since I turned.

I cannot really remember much from my human life, most vampires can. I guess it has to do with the way I was turned. I remember waking up on a bed, covered in blood.

Laying in beautiful champagne colored silk sheets, Droplets of blood splattered all over.

When I looked around, I spotted a shadow figure in the corner. I backed away, suspecting he had been the reason I was soaked in blood. He was but it wasn't just my blood. He smiled at me, "It's okay baby vampire." He whispered.
Wh-What did he just say? There is no such things as a vampire.

He whispered but.. it was magnified by 100. I felt as if he was right in my face talking. I freaked out. He smiled at me, in a blink of an eye he was at my bed side. I backed away, fearing that he would harm me. He smiled and held up a small mirror and showed my reflection.

I could barely recognize myself. My skin was more paler than usual.. My skin looked soo flawless and it was like I looked 10000 times better than before. I then noticed my lips, I had fangs...Blood smeared all over my lips and chin, I immediately freaked out.

After composing myself I took another good look. My skin looked so much paler than before. No more blemishes or scars, no visible signs of imperfections. My teeth were pearly white, sharper than before. When my eyes met its reflection... I jumped put of the bed in a panic.

"W-What am I?" I asked backing away in a corner, looking up into the eyes of that dark figure. When he moved in closer, I saw him. He looked so perfect. Flawless milky white skin, berry colored lips,black soul-less eyes. "You my dear..." He smiled at me, tucking the hair covering my face behind my ear. "Are immortal." He whispered looking into my eyes, carefully holding my chin with his index finger, pulling me closer.

"You are mine." he whispered, leaning in for a kiss. Wh-What is he talking about? I felt terrified and angry at the same time. I remember pushing him off and screaming at the top of my lungs and....it all went black.

When I came to, the whole mansion was on fire. I remember running out, the fire not affecting me. I managed to walk out in one piece but I felt weak... hungry. MY stomach felt like it was burning from the inside. My throat was on fire(Not literally) My heart racing, my lungs running out a breath. My legs feel right from under me. I unknowingly crawled right into a ditch. I didn't think I had the strength to make it out. All of a sudden I breathed in an appetizing scent, it smelled of vanilla, honey and strawberries.

The smell was enchanting, it gave me the strength to crawl out. When I reached the top, my arms on the edge of the ground. I looked up, saw a figure. The figure pulled me out of the ditch, when I looked up at him. He did not only smell of vanilla honey and strawberries but alittle bit of a musty beast smell.

When I took a good look at him... he seemed to look of high class, clean, nothing like a commoner who didn't care about his appearance. His skin slightly darker, brown hair slightly covering his eyes, plump pink lips. He smiled at me, showing sharp pearly white teeth. Who was he? He was breathetaking. he gave me a smile.

I couldn't control myself, the animal inside took control. I bit the nape of his neck, he pushed me off with force. He held on to his neck and gave me a confused look before running off.

I fell to the ground.. My eyes wandering around. I felt my fangs with my fingers. What is this? I was too into the fact that I bit him to run after him. What had I become? A monster? A vampire?

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