just cant let her go (jerrie) *completed*

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Jade: Sweet, innocent, bookworm, also the class' easiest target to bully. She doesn't know why she is, probably because she was smarter than everybody else in her grade

Perrie: Fierce, harsh, biggest bully their knows, but also the most popular girl in school to the point where people would practically throw themselves at her feet, but there's one girl that seemed to put up a fight, also her easiest victim Jade Thirlwall.

What will become of these two when feelings spread and secrets will be kept?

Disclaimer: This was my very first fanfiction and it was written horribly. There's grammar errors, improper grammar, and just not the best story that was written in general because I wrote this when I first started to figure out how to write and it was done horribly. So, read at your own risk.


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