Chapter 20

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~Previously on Belong To You~

"See I don't know why you were so worried she is perfectly fine and you are perfectly fine." Perrie told me as I held my baby girl in my arms.

"What are you going to name her?" Perrie asked me.

"Elizabeth Isabelle Grace." 


~1 week later~

Rachel's POV

"Rachel you know you don't have to do this." Perrie tried to tell me while I was packing up my hospital bag. I sat down on the bed and sighed. 

"I know. But I just...... I don't want her to be like us. Living in constant fear and hiding from her problems. What kind of example am I setting for her?" 

"What kind of example are you setting for her if you gave her up?" I shook my head.

"I'm helping her." I mumbled then zipped up my bag. 

"Then at least consider opening up the adoption." Perrie told me then grabbed my bag leaving me alone to my thoughts. I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Ms. Grace I have your release forms." I nodded then took the clipboard and filled everything out. 

"Okay now be very careful don't over work yourself. I would suggest resting and if you need to hold the baby do it while sitting." 

"Don't worry that won't be a problem." I whispered. I handed her back the clipboard. 

"It looks like everything is in order, you are free to go."  

"Thank you." I told the nurse. I double checked I had everything. 

"You ready to go?" Perrie asked me coming back into the room. A nurse was with her with a wheelchair. I sat down in the wheelchair they had while Perrie had the baby in her car seat. Once we got to the car I was helped out of the wheelchair and I got into the car. 

"So where too?" Perrie asked me. 

"The adoption agency." Perrie sighed but started the car and drove to the agency.

"I'm doing this because I'm scared. I have nightmares every night. I can't close my eyes without reliving what happened back there." I explained to her.

"Rach I know why you're doing this but you should at least give her a chance." Perrie tried to reason with me. I looked back at Elizabeth and I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"I can't. She deserves better." Perrie nodded then went back to looking at the road. For the rest of the ride we sat in silence. 

"We're here." Perrie told me once she parked the car in front of the agency. 

"You want me to go with you?" She asked me. I shook my head.

"I got this." I told her. I got out of the car and grabbed the baby with her carrier. I walked into the agency and went to the front desk. 

"Hi I'm looking for Jessica." I told the lady at the front desk.

"I presume you're Rachel Grace." I nodded my head.

"Then you can go right in." She told me. I nodded my head once again and walked into the office.

"Ms. Grace it's lovely to see you again. And this must be your baby girl. What's her name?"

"Elizabeth Isabelle Grace." I told her.

"What a lovely name. Now we have everything sorted out. All you have to do is sign this paper giving custody over to the parent."

"Parent?" I asked her.

"Oh yes we have found a young male looking to adopt. He passed all of our tests and is perfect for your child." I nodded my head. 

"Now if you would just sign here." She told me then handed me a pen. I looked at the document in front of me. I clicked the pen and signed my name then placed the pen down.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you Ms. Grace." Jessica shook my hand. I smiled at her trying to hide my sadness. 

"Thank you for this." I told her.

"You are very welcome." I nodded then left the room leaving my baby girl behind.

Narrator's POV

"Hello Elizabeth aren't you the cutest baby every." Jessica smiled at the baby.

"Let's go meet your new daddy." Jessica grabbed the carrier and walked to the next room over. Where a young man was waiting to meet his baby girl. 

"Mr. Malik, glad you could make it. I have your baby girl right here with me." Jessica told the young man. 

"And her name?" He asked the adoption lady. 

"Elizabeth Isabelle Malik." 

"And the mothers name?" Mr. Malik asked Jessica.

"Rachel Grace."

"Perfect." A smirk spread across his lips.


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