The Possessive Alpha

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"Congratulations honey! I heard you got one of the pack training spots." my mother said excitedly.

I guess she didn't know exactly how I got the position. If she did she wouldn't be so happy. I was surprised she already knew since school just ended, but my father is the Beta so he tends to get pack news quick.

I grabbed a soda from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table. I had about thirty minutes before I had to leave and pick up Max. I came home to drop off my books and stuff from school.

"Your Father is very proud of you, and Alpha Derek was quite impressed." My mother gushed.

"Uh thanks, mom, I may be late for dinner tonight," I said.

"That's fine; I will save you a plate. Are you hanging out with the girls?" she giggled.

My mother loved to talk girl stuff, and with all the new mates running around I'm sure she couldn't wait to hear all about it from me. She thinks when I hang out with the girls, we gossip. I guess we do sometimes, but mainly we just hang out.

"No, actually I'm showing max around town," I said.

She stopped peeling her potatoes and looked up at me. She had a little smile forming on her lips as she said, "Who's Max?"

"Kyle's mate Renee's' twin brother, he is most likely going to be joining our pack." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Oh yes, I heard about him. He is the one who lost his mate, how sad to lose the one you are to spend the rest of your life with before you ever really got a chance." She said.

"Yes it was and I think it may be the reason he decided to move here, maybe he wants a fresh start," I said.

"Well have fun," my mother said as she went back to peeling her potatoes.

I decided to head out a little early, the pack house was usually packed at this time of the day. My father was always getting on me for not visiting so I would kill two birds with one stone.

Within minutes I found myself parking outside the pack house. It was a mansion and had about fifteen bedrooms I would guess. Some of the pack stayed here, while others had their own houses. Some of the younger kids were playing outside, chasing each other around and playing on the swing set. It reminded me when I was younger and we lived in this very same house. My parents had decided to buy their own when I was about ten and my brother fourteen. My brother Matt was currently away at college with Alpha Stevens son, and I missed him. He hasn't been home since Christmas.

I went inside and walked down the hall, the movie room was on the left and I noticed Kyle, Renee, Tyler and Mandy were watching the new Fast and Furious with The Rock. I had seen it at least ten times. I never could resist The Rock, he was one sexy man, and a great actor.

"Look who decided to drop by for a visit," Tyler said as he swung around in the seat to look at me.

"I figured I haven't been here in a while, and I'm picking up Max." I said.

"Max huh?" Mandy teased.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm just showing him around town.

"Oh, I bet you are." Tyler joked.

I could feel my body tense heat up and knew Derek was standing behind me.

"Isabella just the person I wanted to see. I need to go over a training schedule with you." Derek said from behind me making my body shiver as he said my name.

Truthfully I didn't want to be around him, but that's what I get for challenging him. I am stuck working with him on training at least until he leaves here.

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