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My Black Guy

I'm Kathryn Penelope Torres. "Pretty and smart" that's what I always get from others, except him. I'm Daniel Clifford "Black King" Ramirez. Leader of Black Cards. Choose, Mess with us or you'll die.


This. OMG. SUPER GANDA NITO! PROMISE! As in. For those who loves reading stories with "GANGSTERS" in it. You better read My Black Guy. Nung binabasa ko to parang hindi ko kaya magstop kakabasa. Ang ganda talaga. Actually nung binabasa ko to 200,000 palang yung readers eh. Pero dahil nga sa busy ako school, nastop yung pagbabasa ko. But ofcourse I also continued, and now it has 1.6 m reads already! Yes, yes, yes Its very unique.

I've heard that this story has been read by Seth Gothico. For those who don't know him, he's one of the parking 5. Kung binasa nila ang isa sa mga story ko, I WILL BE SO PROUD OF WHAT I DID. Grabe. Walang lokohan to Guys! Maganda to! CHECK IT OUT AND READ!

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