Chapter 4

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As Naruto received the gifts he looked over how much effort they put into the gift. Naruto found that only the Uchiha, Hyūga, Inuzuka, Nara, and the Aburame clans were worth forming an alliance with, based only on their gifts. The Uchiha had given him a katana that becomes nearly invisible when the user funnels chakra into the blade. The Hyūga gave Naruto a scroll of very rare wind jutsus, and a scroll that would help Naruto with his new Dojutsu. The Inuzuka gave Naruto a scroll of their clans jutsu, and a promise of loyalty to each other which Naruto signed as soon as he read it. The Nara's gave Naruto a battle strategy scroll that had all of Konoha's major battles in it. The Aburame clan gave Naruto a wooden staff that had ants in it, Shibi told Naruto "these ants have the most painful natural poison out of any animal in the world, so be very careful with them. Feed them a single leaf coated with your chakra every week and they'll obey your will." Naruto thanked all of them and bowed deeply. Minato and Kushina smiled at their son's politeness. The rest of the gifts could barely be called a gift, the worst one was the Haruno clan who gave him ten normal kunai and a smile. Once everyone gave their gifts, they left after speaking to Minato and Kushina who told them about their limited life span. Fugaku, Mikoto, Minato, and Kushina all spoke with each other as Mikoto and Kushina 'accidentally' pushed their children closer to each other. Mikoto pushed too hard and Sasuko fell on top of Naruto as he caught their fall. Naruto's and Sasuke's lips collided with each other, both Naruto and Sasuko had blushes that resembled Kushina's hair. Naruto thought 'Itachi is going to kill me either way, might as well enjoy it' then started to kiss Sasuko with slight force. Sasuko's blush deepened as Naruto started to actually kiss her, Sasuko decided to be bold and kiss back. Naruto stopped when he felt three very intense chakra signatures giving off a dangerous edge. Naruto turned his head to the left and saw his parents and Mikoto giving him a thumbs up and a smile, while Fugaku, Itachi, and Sasuke who had just entered the room were all twitching slightly. Naruto took the hint and stood up and grabbed Sasuko's hand and shunshied away to the burnt down barn that Naruto trained in. Naruto faintly heard someone shout "GET BACK HERE NARUTO" Sasuko stifled a cute giggle as she thought about how mad her brothers probably were. "So Sasuko-chan, about that kiss" Naruto pulled Sasuko's hand behind himself and their lips collided again, Sasuko immediately started kissing back. Sasuko moaned slightly as Naruto kissed her as passionately as he could. Naruto smirked into the kiss, Sasuko felt the smirk and pulled back from the kiss blushing. "I- t-that was an a-accident" Naruto's smile only grew as she tried to deny the moan she gave out. "Even if it was, it was cute." Said Naruto as he placed his forehead on Sasuko's. Sasuko placed her hands over her face to cover her blush, Naruto smiled and asked "Sasuko Uchiha, will you be my girlfriend?" Sasuko nodded and lifted her face upwards to look at Naruto. Dojutsu looked at Dojutsu as the two made eye contact and activated their own Dojutsu. Naruto looked at Sasuko's purple and white chakra that swished around in her body. In an instant a bright blood red chakra apeared in front of Naruto, Itachi was between Naruto and Sasuko, with Fugaku behind Naruto and Sasuke about to cut Naruto in half from above with a kunai. Naruto looked up and whispered "Gendõryoku" Naruto made sure to keep it low power so he didn't break every bone in Sasuke's body. All the Uchiha's eyes widened as Sasuke was flung upwards at a small angle with blood trailing out of his mouth. Sasuke came back down and landed on his feet some what gracefully as he slumped over trying to catch his breath. Naruto's Dojutsu began to faintly glow blue, Itachi and Fugaku rushed Naruto before he could do whatever it was he just did. Naruto unsealed the sword that Fugaku had given him earlier and charged it with chakra, doing so made it invisible to the naked eye. Both the charging Uchiha's activated their sharingan so they could see the chakra within the sword. What they didn't expect was that Naruto had covered the sword in a seal that makes it so they couldn't see any chakra within the sword, thus making the sword truly invisible. Itachi stopped and went through the hand signs 'Dog, Rat, Dragon, Rat, Horse, Hare, Dragon, Tiger, Ox, Tiger' then put his fingers together to make a triangle using his two thumbs and index fingers, the face of the triangle was facing Naruto. "Fire release: Triple great fireball" from of the tips of each corner of the triangle came a humongous fireball that raced towards Naruto. The three fireballs made a towering wall of flames. Naruto heard two people behind him say "Fire release: flame stream" two lashing whips of fire tore and burned the ground trying to reach Naruto. Naruto stood his ground and sheathed his sword then went through the hand signs 'Rat, Ox, Dragon, Tiger, Hare, Bird, Dog, Bird' Naruto then shouted "WIND RELEASE: DOME OF RAGING WIND" a burst of air shot up like a tornado and teared through the ground and made a tornado of fire when the three Uchiha's jutsus met with Naruto's. The tornado of fire then made blades of wind that were coated with fire thanks to the Uchiha's jutsus, the blades shot out and launched at the trio. Before they could do anything to block or dodge them, the jutsu dispersed into small gusts of wind that pushed on their clothes. On the inside of the now disappearing tornado Naruto was swearing and punching the ground with blood already on his knuckles. All the Uchiha's knew what happened, Naruto didn't have the chakra control he needed for the jutsu he tried, but to even be able to start that jutsu you needed almost perfect chakra control. The Uchiha's felt sorry for the frustrated boy in front of them, they could tell he worked extremely hard to get it as far as he did, and that he probably overworked himself every time he trained. Naruto heard a crack as he puched the ground one last time, the Uchihas heard the sickening snap of Naruto's now broken hand, they all rushed to the blond. When they got there they saw that the blond wasn't fazed by the broken hand. Naruto had gone through much worse pain, a broken hand was like a poke to Naruto. That fact reached the Uchihas like a stab to the heart, Naruto stood up and muttered a goodbye and walked away to train. Sasuko ran after Naruto, Sasuke soon followed after his sister. Itachi and Fugaku were left staring at the small pool of blood that Naruto had caused, the last of the days sunlight illuminating the dark red liquid with the warm wind making ripples on the blood, 'he is worthy to date her' they both thought as they walked home. Naruto walked in the direction of training ground 7, Sasuko and Sasuke ran ahead of him and turned around to block his path. Naruto pushed Sasuke to the side and lightly moved Sasuko away as he kept on walking, "I'll be training, dont interrupt me" said Naruto as he shunshied to training ground seven. Sasuko deflated, as she stared at the tornadoes that were forming and unforming in the distance. Sasuko stayed there, just watching the blonds attempts at the jutsu from afar. After two hours the tornadoes abruptly stopped, Sasuko felt seven chakra signatures run towards Naruto, Sasuko also ran to the blond. When she got there she was met with uprooted trees with blood splattered over most of them, and a cut up blond boy with almost no chakra left panting heavily in the center of the destruction. Minato, Kushina, Masae, Hoshiko, Neji, Kiba, Sasuko, and Kakashi all arrived at the clearing at the same time. All of the people who could see Naruto were staring, Naruto raised his hand and gave a casual wave. Everyone rushed over the obstacles and to the blond's side, "WHY ARE YOU TRAINING SO HARD BAKA?" screamed out Masae and Kushina at the same time, the two turned to each other "eh?" Both the girls said to each other, they both raised their right arms, then their left legs. This continued until they ran forward to Naruto, then turned to each other and nodded. Masae and Kushina put one of their palms together and the other right above Naruto. Then the duo began a tandem healing jutsu that healed much faster than any other healing jutsu, but to do it the two people involved must work in perfect harmony. The healing jutsu glowed a bright white instead of the usual green, Naruto raised his hands and stopped the duo from healing him. Naruto said "dont waste your time, the real one is out training somewhere on the east of Konoha" 'Naruto' then grabbed a kunai and shoved it through his heart. Sasuko screamed, 'Naruto' then turned into a puddle of blood. Kushina and Masae stood up, Masae turned into her wolf form and Minato smiled. "So you are Naruto's fated partner" Masae smiled and nodded to Hoshiko who said "correction, partner's' he has two" Minato's eyes widened as Hoshiko turned into a wolf and the two of them ran off to track Naruto. Kushina, Neji, Kiba, and Sasuko ran after them. Kakashi ran to Minato and hugged him, Minato chuckled "you grew, eh? Kakashi" kakashi let his walls of ice that protected his emotions melt just this once, kakashi cried tears of happiness. Minato patted Kakashi's back as he cried and said "let's go, i want to find my son before he kills himself with that jutsu." Kakashi wiped his eye and nodded, then the duo left after they stared at the blood puddle for a moment. The real Naruto was walking through a clearing and unleashing all of his chakra and then calming it again, in order to practice chakra control. Naruto suddenly felt a presence to his left, Naruto looked to his left, blood red eyes were staring at him from the dark forrest that surrounded the clearing. To Naruto, the eyes looked like the eyes of a predator, the eyes closed and the faint outline disappeared. Naruto took inspiration from the look of the eyes and decided on the name of his Dojutsu, the Hoshoku-shagan. (predator-gan, i don't know what 'gan' means, but all the other Dojutsu have it, so why not?) Naruto was brought out of his thoughts by chakra signatures coming towards him. Naruto mentally and physically prepared himself for the massive amount of scolding he was about to get from his sister, mom, and probably his girlfriend. Naruto turned around and was met with a fist in his face, a foot in his chest, and another foot in his stomach. Naruto was sent flying into a tree, completely destroying the tree with his back. Naruto got out of the rubble and pulled a piece of wood out of his back and walked back towards his favorite girls. Naruto noticed the Neji, Kiba, Hoshiko, Kakashi, and his dad were hiding from the scary kunoichi. Naruto gave his classiest smile and undid the top of his kimono. Sasuko, and Masae blushed and had second thoughts about hitting the handsome blond, Kushina however did not, she hit harder this time. Naruto was sent up into the air with a groan, Naruto's jaw was dislocated, Naruto poped it back into place then landed on his feet. When Naruto landed, the screaming started "I GET TO SEE YOU AFTER 12 YEARS AND YOU COMMIT SUICIDE IN FRONT OF ME. IF I WEREN'T A GENTLE AND KIND MOTHER YOU WOULD BE DEAD." is what Kushina said. "I'VE BEEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR WHAT? THREE HOURS? AND YOU KILL YOURSELF, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?" Sasuko said as she pointed accusingly at Naruto. "WHAT KIND OF BROTHER KILLS HIMSELF INFRONT OF HIS SISTER, YOU'RE LUCKY I AM FEELING GENEROUS TODAY." Naruto rubbed his ear. "Sorry, i couldn't hear you. You were all talking at the s-" Naruto was punched in the head by all three girls before he could finish his sentence. Naruto flew into the ground because of the explosive force of the punches. Sasuko walked up to the blond's head and kissed him, "ever do that again, it comes off. Understand?" Naruto nodded furiously. Sasuko stood up and grabbed Naruto's kimono, then put it over her shoulders to keep her warm on the cold night. Naruto held his head and got up, Kushina and Masae went to Naruto's sides and nudged him playfully with their elbows with an evil grin. Minato came out of his hiding spot and walked dover to Naruto, then bonked the boy on the head. Naruto rubbed his abused head and sulked a little, "what else was i supposed to do?" Neji, Hoshiko and Kiba shouted at the blond "anything other than that." Naruto sulked further and speed up to Sasuko's speed, "hey Tou-san, since you're technically still hokage, can i have a c rank mission when we get back?" Naruto said as he grabbed Sasuko's hand and she blushed. Minato looked up at the stars and side hugged Kushina, then spoke "you can have a c rank, if your team can handle it." Kakashi nodded "they are ready, they passed the bell test within the first ten seconds" Minato stopped walking, "you're their sensei?" Asked Minato as he looked at Kakashi. Kakashi nodded, Minato smiled a smile that seemed to brighten the dark space. "Alright, sure I'll see what we have when we get there" Minato and Kushina's body turned into dust as they went back into Naruto's mind. The group remained silent until they reached the gates. When the group reached

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