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Beth's POV

My alarm clock went off with a loud ring, and I groaned groggily, waving my hand about to try and shut the stupid thing up. I almost fell out of my bed in the process, and I heard my brother’s snicker from across the room.

“Don’t even try to go back to sleep, Bethany.” My mom said the doorway, this time actually making me fall out of my soft, warm bed, falling on my butt.

“Just to let you know, Brooklyn and Valerie are going to be outside in less than 5 minutes,”

I groaned again, knowing I couldn’t escape that one. I got up, and pulled back my curtains, squinting against the morning sun, and had to resist the huge temptation to pull them pack. 

I opened my window fully, and went into the bathroom to pull on my artfully ripped light blue denim jeans, a blue tank top, and a denim jack to complete my outfit.

"Come on, Beth! We're gunna be late," I heard Brooklyn's voice from below.

I stuck my head out of my window, grinning down at my two friends.

"Ya know, Brook has a point," Valerie said mockingly, rolling her eyes at Brooklyn.

"I'll be down in a minute, Bunny and Kittens,"  I replied, as we all grinned at their old nicknames, and I shut my window again, and grabbed my handbag I used for school and going to my wardrobe to put my shoes on.

The only question was: What shoes would I wear?

After a minute of deliberation, I chose my white converse, with red and blue stripes down the side.

I walked out the front door, shutting it behind me, and saw my two best friends: Valerie Ashley, and Brooklyn Santiago.

"Oh, thanks so much for your presence, Your Highness," Brooklyn said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"You are welcome, Miss. Santiago. But I just could not decide which shoes to put on my feet; whether it be flats, heels or wedges." I said poshly, standing up tall like the Queen of Sheeba herself.

The both rolled their eyes at my acting.

"Come on, you two." Brooklyn said. "Let's get to school. I'm sure they  won't mind us being late if we use Beth here as the excuse." She grinned, as she started walking down the street.

Valerie and I rolled our eyes, knowing Brooklyn loved to take charge every so often. We jogged after her.

"That's why you don't wear heels of wedges, Beth," Brooklyn said playfully, rolling her eyes at me. " Good choice by the way; Converse."

I showed them off, then looked at Brook's choice of footwear for today. 

Brooklyn was wearing black Converse (suprise, suprise), black skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a tattered t-shirt with the quote, "Mess with me, don't be suprised to find yourself in a hospital."

"Nice top, Brook," I commented, grinning at her.

"I know, right?" She grinned with me, looking sideways at me.

"Oh my gosh!" Valerie said excitedly, looking down at out feet. "We're all wearing Converse!"

I looked down at Val's feet, and sure enough, there were tattered little navy blue Converse on her feet, along with my ivory jeans she'd never given me back, a denim jacket, and a blue and white striped top, with the cookie monster in the middle, cookie in hand, with a speech bubble, "Me Love Cookies!" 

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