Inspirational/Happy Quotes :)

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1. "Sometimes you have to reach beyond yourself to reach yourself within... yourself."
2. "Whatever you do, be it small, big, have a goal and believe in yourself"
3. "You have to start by believing in yourself"
4. "Plant trees you know you'll never sit under the shade of."
5. "Tell the person next to you they look nice today. If you're alone, tell yourself."

6. "What up do is temporary. But what I leave behind is forever."
7. "All your life you'll meet people that want to break you down. Forget them, stand strong with the people who build you up."
8. "I live to make you smile. And there's nothing I'd rather do."
9. "If you can use those fears to shape who you will be and push past them, you can do anything."
10. "You are important, never forget that."
11. "Even if the vast numbers make you feel insignificant. Just know that even one person can move mountains. Each and everyone of you can be the start of something incredible."

I almost tears up on the last one ;)

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