Chapter 1 - Kendall

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*** Morning ***

Bleep Bleep Bleep. My alarm clock is going off like crazy! I decide I wouldn't hit snooze and just get up. I normally keep hitting snooze until I am almost late! I get up and go straight into the shower. I do shower things and then I brush my teeth. My toothbrush sings Justin Bieber. Oh how do I love him! I blow dry my hair and Straighten it. I hate my hair. I wish I was a blonde like Chloe and Paige! I put on some light makeup. Just some concealer and mascara. Nothing huge. I change into a cute skirt that's orange with white polka dots on it. I also put on a plain  white V-neck. I look cute. I decided to finish my look with a pair of white Toms. 

 I go downstairs and greet my mom. I grab an apple and look at the schedule for the day. First school, then dance, then home for bed. Pretty simple and pretty regular. At 7:05 my mom and I head out to the car so she can drop me off at school. When she does I meet up with my friends Erin and McKenna. I walk up and we greet each other with hugs. Erin is my bestest friend in the whole world! We have known each other since pre-school and out moms are best friends. I am twelve so I am in the sixth grade. In sixth we cant do any sports. Which doesn't really apply to me considering I have dance like ALL the time! don't get me wrong I  love dance and all but I never get to hang out with my friends! Most of them understand but I have lost several friends because of it. My mom always tells me that they aren't true friends. If they were they would've stayed.  

First period is cooking. I wanted to do band but I would never be able to practice. I would practically be last chair. So I decided it was just better If I didn't do it. Cooking was pretty boring. We made cookies. Mine were burnt. I have like nobody to talk to in that class! Finally second period bell rang. Science. My favorite class of the day! I love to mix chemicals. Blow stuff up and do a bunch of other sciency things! I sit by Connor O'Neal. The school bully but for some reason he always has a soft spot for me. He isn't really nice to me, but he isn't mean either. I don't complain though. He can be pretty mean! I have seen him beat kids up and he broke Joey Andersons arm! The next three periods went the same. Social studies, French, and honors English. All boring, boring, and even more boring. Then I had math. It went pretty boring too but I get to sit next to Erin so we joke and talk the whole time. That is really one of the only classes that I look forward to. Next I have gym. I hate gym because Abby doesn't let any of us do it! She writes us a note and since we do dance almost every day all night they give us an A. She doesn't want us to walk into the studio tired. She wants us to walk out of the studio tired.

After school I have dance so I am in my room changing. I put on a bright orange crop top with White booty shorts. I go downstairs and my mom has already made the early "Before dance early dinner." I eat some Macaroni and cheese, steak, and a salad. Now we are off to dance. In the car we listen to music then my favorite song ever came on! Mercy on me by Reed Deming! I start singing.

Black Magic women put a spell on my eyeeeee

That body moving girl you've got to be mine all mine!

Well I confess im not impressed with all the rest tonight its only you its only you I liiiiike.

She makes me beg for mooooore.

Baby have mercy on me, why don't you tell me your name, they say your out of my league but you've been driving me craaazy mayyybbeeee laaadddyyy I got something you neeeeed ooooh ohhhh ohhhh baby have mercy on meeee.

When we arrived to the dance studio my mom and I were laughing because of my reed deming fangirling Reedling attack back there. When we got to the studio everything was normal. The girls were in the den and after a while we got called for pyramid. starting from the bottom it went. Brooke, Paige, Asia, Nia, Mackenzie, Kendall, Chloe, and Maddie. I was sort of surprised when I got third. Abby said I did very good being the lead in the group and if I worked that hard always I will be closer and closer to the top! She called out the solos duets and trios. Maddie Chloe and I got solos. I was excited. Mine is called Too Hard. Its about a girl who thinks everything is to hard but in the end finds out she just wasn't working hard enough. Mackenzie and Asia have a duet. Everyone is in the group dance too! Abby says we are going to the in10sity dance competition this week and we are going again the rotten apples. I just don't think this week is going to be that bad! As long as I work hard and stay motivated Im good!


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