Part one •3•

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Sean was shaking like a scared little rabbit, drowning in its own anxiety as he held his pregnancy test below his head. His little head popped round the corner, his soft green hair winding round the doorframe as he was on guard, watching mark in his kitchen, Their kitchen. :3

His heart fluttered and sent him into a goofy grin and a deep red blush crawled across his face, cheek to cheek, making him giddy. Mark was dancing around whilst making breakfast and laughing until he clutched his rib cage and fell on the floor with so much humour... Jack was slightly alarmed and a tear was welling up in his eyes. He thought Mark was hurt until he saw him laughing really hard and he joined along,shortly after realising and having to come back from dream land... After all, his boyfriend was good looking 😏👌🏻❤️👅🙌🏻

Sean spun round, knocked his hip on the side of the toilet which sent the test flying onto the carpet of the frontroom... He fell to the floor, clutching his hip in pain...Before He could read it himself, Mark came rushing in with clouded fear in his eyes....

Mark ignored the test with a curious look and ran to his boyfriend who was lying on the floor... "Sean??" "Buddy, you ok??" Sean replies with a nod and pointed to his hip which was now bruised and sore... Trying not to be obvious, Jack slid the test under the sofa but Mark was too nosy not to see it... Wide-eyed, he looked at the test before bursting out crying and hugging his mate, his tears staining his t-shirt..

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